Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Somethings a brewing...

I sat down with Captain Jack last night and spent 4-5 hours talking about a friend of ours who isn't good despite trying everything under the sun. We had some major breakthroughs with how we think teaching should change. And we are going to be rolling out some really awesome new ways to learn very very soon.

I have to talk things over with Savoy next Wed so look for an announcement around then.



  1. MikeNYC10:03 PM

    there are a lot of guys who really put a lot of work in and get mediocre results so anything you can offer to help would be super useful.

    is this going to a free writeup by you or are you guys going to turn this into an expensive workshop? obviously the latter wouldn't be as helpful as the former.


    PS: I'm enjoying the recent blog entries so keep it coming! :)

  2. Anonymous4:24 AM

    In fact I think that if there is one person out there who should put new ideas and ways of teaching out there, it is you. You have the teaching experience, the knowledge, the skill, and most importantly, you have put effort into researching what other guys are teaching, so that you don't have the blindspots that other teachers might have.
    There isn't really a distinction anymore of natural vs canned or direct vs indirect. The community is moving towards "one knowledge", and I think you should be the one leading that.

  3. Parker3:35 PM

    I think every instructor for all companies in their blogs frequently say "some big changes are happening" or "some exciting shit is coming".

    Understandable from a marketing standpoint, but I hope nobody is really holding their breath. For 99.999999% of us what we need is already available.

    Just gotta work hard enough.