Thursday, January 03, 2008

Setting small goals

I'm sure I've mentioned this before somewhere, but I wanted to re-touch on the idea of setting small achievable goals.

Often times on program, I will get a student who has outrageous goals. And I always try to get them to set smaller goals. The reason I suggest setting small goals, is that they give you things you can work on daily, weekly, monthly, etc... They also get your mind accustomed to working on something than feeling a sense of accomplishment. For me at least as long I feel like I'm improving, I'll keep working on something. So I always set small goals. Open a mixed set before an all girl one, get 1 phone number, call my numbers every day, practice at a particular venue. I constantly set these small goals for myself until they became larger ones. But I always felt the improvement.

I encourage all of you guys to set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Not just for your game, but for all areas of your life.



  1. Thank you for a valuable post! I was worried you might have fallen off the deep end and started to post like TD. We need more guys like you, who post valuable, useful, applicable tips.

  2. I read a powerful article on New Year's eve about how the little actions we take each day can shape us: Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret. The basic idea is to make a chain of X's for every day you accomplish your goals, but read the original, it's short and worth it. You might even be inspired to print out a single page with a tiny empty checkbox for each of the 28,000+ days of your life.

  3. You are right. I read all these theories, decide on all this huge mind made goals that I dont write down, and I never take action, and I never approach. I have to take it step by step. Small talk, then approach and step by step I think I can get there, but I now realize from my experience setting these huge goals w/o the basic little things is retarded for my progress. And w/o the goals written I never know if I make progress.

  4. Anonymous4:48 AM

    I like it.

    Also sums up an entry you made a while back on goal setting and 'Knowing What You Want'.

    Here is the link:

  5. thanks for the link John Galt. I'm gonna do this thing.

  6. Xtreeme4:02 AM

    loool ... Who is John Galt?

  7. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Thank you Sinn. This is a great post. I sometimes forget to that reaching a longer range goal takes many small steps. And it's important to have a sense of accomplishment in those small steps.

    Also thank you John Galt for the links. Those are VERY helpful. Much appreciated.