Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"You Already Know What I'm About"- On Managing Expectations


Ever since the whole Kristen situation spiraled (Horribly) out of control, I have been more anti-commitment than ever (It is possible believe it or not).

I also figured out how to get laid A TON with minimal (Sometimes never) telling the girl you like her. I'm still trying to piece together everything I'm doing that's reproduceable (The whole me being emotionally dead thing is hard to mirror) and here's what I got. This stuff is not very nice, and it shouldn't be used with girls you're OPEN to having a relationship with but if you want to avoid drama, commitment, neediness and emotions while banging lots of chicks, here's some advice(I'm totally going to hell).

1. Qualify more for compliance than for compliments. When you REALLY don't want the girl to get attached (Or at least to get over it quickly) qualification goes back to being a Mystery Method style phase as opposed to actually looking for what you want in a girl. The more you give specific reasons you like her the harder it's going to be to keep her from catching feelings.

2. Be Busy. I actually am insanely busy with a Sinns of Attraction, a side business, kickboxing, friends and fucking other girls so that part wasn't hard. If you're not busy then you need to frame yourself as SUPER busy upfront to start to negate the demands on your time the girl will expect.

3. Lead with your "Not looking for a relationship" foot. I now start every date with an explanation of how AWESOME my single life is, and how much I like being single and am not looking for a relationship. Some girls will ACT like they're not into this idea, don't give up. Oftentimes PK (Post Kristen) I've been on dates where girls verbally disagreed with that yet slept with me anyway.

4. Don't talk every day. Go several days without contact on a regular basis. Don't establish a text pattern where she expects to hear from you every day or at a certain time. Don't return texts or calls too eagerly.

5. Treat her really nicely. Be super gentlemanly, pay for (almost) everything, open doors, make sure she cums etc... By combining being a good guy with being upfront about what you're looking for there is less for her to complain about both to you and her friends. It doesn't make you a good guy but maybe you'll get preferential seating in hell near Stalin :)

6. Be a cold soldier. Every now and then girls will test you, by saying "I miss you" trying to hangout every day, getting you to meet their friends (You know stuff girls do when they like you).. This is where the word "No" is your best friend. You were upfront, there is NO obligation for you to do any of this stuff.

7. Don't rub her face in the fact you're dating other women. Don't lie but don't tell the truth either. She needs to know you're dating other people. She doesn't need to know how many, their names or anything like that.

8. Cut Needy Chicks early. I met a girl at CVS who was smoking hot. The issue was she was BLOWING my phone up 3-4 times a day before we even went out. I had to let that one go knowing that the lay would not be worth the headache that accompanied it. If you're trying to be happily single, cut needy chicks off as soon as the neediness starts. ESPECIALLY if you haven't slept with them yet. It won't get better.

9. Man up and tell them it's over. At some point certain girls get annoying, or you get over it. Rather than just disappear, send a break-up text like

Hey, I'm not really sure how to say this, but I don't think we should see each other anymore. I think you're a really cool girl, but I just don't see this going anywhere and I think we should both move on. Sorry. Jon

And there you go a beginner's guide to keeping it moving. Which is what I do best.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Fucken awesome shit! As Gangster as it gets!

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Jon youre going to hell bigtime... Ill see you when I get there.

  3. "It doesn't make you a good guy but maybe you'll get preferential seating in hell near Stalin :)" im going to use this as an exuse for now on

  4. Anonymous12:45 AM

    I may look like an idiot for asking this but I just starting reading this blog...what happened with the girl named Kristen?

  5. Anonymous1:57 AM

    who the hell is Kristen?

  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Treat girls like that and you deserve everything you get. I hope you die alone, laughed at by all of the women you've led on.

    Get over your teen angst. The community isn't about getting your revenge on the women who wouldn't date you in high school. There are guys out there who have figured out how to get the girl without all the lying and manipulation.

  7. Ablaze9:19 PM

    Great advice... In my younger days I used to lie a little here and there to get some.

    The turning point for me was when I made a girl cry who thought we had more going on and it was my fault. I did fill her head with some false expectations. I felt horrible. I decided I was going to be upfront from the get go.

    I tell every girl how I feel about them, as long as I'm not being mean. I'll tell them I have a hard time feeling connections with girls that are emotional. I tell them I'm still sexually attracted to them, but that I'm not looking for a commitment.

    I still break a few hearts this way, but when I'm telling the truth, it's more like them breaking their own hearts. If that makes sense.

    Good post.

  8. Anonymous10:34 AM


    Girls ten to lead things toward commitment so not doing what they want is bad? What about us? No girls is thinking "o my god, im such a cunt because I want to be with him while he probably don't! I'm such a horrible person!"

    Come on...

  9. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I hope you unleash a product for this, especially the part when you get to phone and text game,
    because i usually text everyday.

    p.s you are a horrible person man, you need some extreme spanking!! pow poow! bang! bang!!

  10. Anonymous1:57 PM

    This is brilliant if you're a gentleman & a man about it. Jon wants sex and a good time; he's not lying about it. It's ok to be yourself if you're honest with others about your intentions. I've been dating a girl for a year and if I'd read this a year ago, I would still be single - I can't say if this would bring me more happiness. I love this woman but I still ache for my freedom at times, more so in the warmer seasons. In winter, human beings shack up :)

    Thanks for the great writing Jon. Hope that girl didn't hurt you too much. Be you.

  11. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Hi Jon, I love your blog it has lots of good advices about how to make fat 6's like you, if you don't mind prancing and dacing around like a gayboy for her.

    Since you know a lot about The Community, I am hoping you can recommend to me a PUA who gets hot girls and doesn't act gay?? I am not trying to offend you, I am just bored of following your stuff and acting like a gayboy to try to get a 6. It's time to get hotter women.

  12. Anonymous9:32 AM

    This stuff is gold for us guys that are interested in casual dating and not looking for a relationship, without leading anyone on. Great post Jon.

  13. Anonymous9:17 AM

    What kind of a pussy breaks up with a girl he's fucking via text? dude, man up and tell them in person.