Thursday, December 01, 2011

This Blog Is For Guys Who Are Bad With Women

I've been getting a rash of comments over the last few weeks giving super simplified advice as a juxtaposition to what I'm writing.

What these assclowns don't understand is that the advice "Just fuck her" is not particularly useful for the guys who read this blog.

Guys who read this blog generally are more hard cases (as I was and as EVERYONE who googles pickup advice etc is).

Sooo when you MR armchair pickup guru give advice that I'm sure works for you and your jabronie friends (as you must be so completely overwhelmed with pussy that you have time to comment on blogs designed to help you get laid more) it is annoying and frustrating for guys who are the actual target audience I'm writing to.

The guys I write this blog for need help and date ideas, and conversational topics and overviews of how to talk to women. Otherwise they wouldn't be coming here to read my 1100 and something post over the last 6 years. And those guys are the reason I still write this blog even when it seems as though I've exhausted every way to talk about pickup in writing...

If you want to brag about how awesome you are be a condescending prick, you can do it somewhere else as I will now be blocking those comments. All comments telling me I suck and should die of a horrible disease will still be allowed as those make me LOL.

Good talk,



  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Jon, I made that last, "Just go out to a bar and Fuck her" comment and I have been going back and fourth in my head with things to say to you in reply to your last blog.

    I have followed your blog for years, been to one of your "boot-camps" and bought many your "products" and seriously only greatly benefited from them.

    For instance, going out to a bar and "Fucking her" (not always in that order) is just what I do now, and I owe it to your exceptional products.

    I'm not making excuses, I should have been more aware of the other people on here.
    I humbly apologize to your readers, and to you.

    I just acted like a little bitch right now, and it won't happen again.

    Having a "Been there, Done that" attitude is a dangerous attitude to have.

    I'm here to learn some cool shit.



  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Sinn...Will you prety-please do a video where you slide a wig on, do your best BRENT ? Some over the shoulder, sideways speaking of course, with Cocktails, landing by Helicopter, pink bubbly champagne. We need another Charletan info-share. Even goofing on anonymous guru newletters. More funny, less cocky. PLEAZE.

    Sinn for Prez 2012!

  3. Can we get a blog post on whats up with CJ

  4. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Fuck you, Sinn!

    We hate you, Sinn!


  5. Hey, sinn

    i don't wanna be your personal blog critic-adviser or anything, but it would be really awesome if you write a post about relationships and emotional connections with women.

    See, i have some sucess with women now. I want to have more, ofc, but my main steaking point now is keeping them. I kinda don't know when to turn off game and let it run more auto-pilot and i'm also very reluctant in letting myself connect a little more with women as i developed a " all whores... they all cheat on you!" believe ( it's what happens when you and your friends score 2 women with a boyfriend in a row).

    Recently a girl i cared about left me... in the most stupid way... simply stopped smsing me or answering my calls... with no justifying.

    So, let's say, if you're in lack of inspiration for the next post... write something about it. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous9:34 PM

    So you do read the comments even though you claims you don't

  7. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Yeah what happened to captain jack!?

  8. Anonymous12:48 AM

    we've all been asking what happened to captain jack but you're just ignoring us. wtf dude?!

  9. Anonymous9:51 AM

    This blog has gone down the crapper.

    Sinn used to be a pioneer. I remember 2+ years ago I would read this blog religiously and there would be fucking awesome posts with Captain Jack, El Topo and really great groundbreaking content.

    The "sexual framing and SNL era." I'd be a fanboi checking the blog daily and it inspired/shaped my game a lot.

    Now Sinn is in the "just cashing a paycheck era".... phoning these lame blog updates in and affiliate marketing with guys he makes fun of.

    Sinn always been a negative guy, but it used to be funny, entertaining but now it sounds like a bitter queen ranting, especially that wack "War on the Game" video blog that went nowhere. The irony is that Sinn puts out an "Inner Game" product. The guy who disses on everyone, can't take a little feedback on his blog.

    It's time to either find your mojo again or quit. Hoping this blog gets better....

  10. Anonymous2:59 AM

    you fucking bastard negative commenters! you do not have the right to fuck out load your misery to Jon, you haven't been in his shoes!

    more power Jon! your blog today was very well said! keep on....

  11. Anonymous9:00 AM

    CMC seems to be a decent and respectful guy...a rarity on the internet.


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  13. Anonymous4:43 PM

    We are both awesome with women! ^5

    I'm glad you went back to your normal voice on the last couple of Inner Circle CDs. Big difference!

    You might be surprised to know that guys who are actually good with women still like to read what's going on with you and community. Plus, your posts serve as good reminders.

    But anyway....think what you want. We all suck from time to time.