Friday, December 09, 2011

Maxxing Out Your Look

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  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    thanks for maximizing how your blog looks on my iphone

  2. Anonymous5:29 PM

    You are honest.Coaches who can demo live infield are 7 to 8.I know there are some short guys or Asian coaches but I have not see they are doing great on the youtube etc,like Jon and some coaches.

    Look is important and we have to be the best we can be.

    1. ROFL at mentioning "short guy" with "asian"

  3. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Wtf is this guy above me talking about?

  4. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Your face, sadly!

  5. Anonymous5:04 PM

    You can't change your age,race and height.

    You can grow yourself but you can't change.If you are Asian,you are Asian all the time,you must accept it.If you are Latino you must accept this,if you are black you must accept it,if you are short you must accept it.But you can grow to your best.

    You can't change but you can grow.Because you can't change your age or race or height.

    BE your best.

  6. Sinn I LOVE your blog and your way of being straight up 100% honest with all different stuff out there.

    Would be cool if you could check out RSD ALEX new "Natural Instincts Method" and post your comment about it due to your huge experience and knowledge about the game.

    You can find it here:

  7. Reddas6:38 AM

    Great post, which will help your game tremendously if applied.
    - Your approaches will get received better
    - Girls will look at you more

    When you say that girls should be able to "stereotype" you, do you think of "sexy stereotyping"? Brad P. has written on this topic, and I believe it's highly effective and a good alternative if you are not conventionally good-looking.


  8. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Dear Sinn your blog is funny but I want to get pretty girls not act like a gayboy around 6s to try to get their attention. Do you have any recommendations for a good PUA who can do this?

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Good tip about Nordstrom, was news to me

  10. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Sinn dont know if you answer these questions. I attend the gym 3 times a week and am currently on a calorie controlled diet. Im pretty lean and have a few pounds to go towards a six pack and abs. I dont look like a 7 to myself, I get compliments from friends and girls but when I look in the mirror and dont see a hot guy.

    I have a bad fashion sense so I just copy the look from major fashion brands. Does it fit into a stereotype and how can I possibly dress better than what a professional fashion designer has put together???