Monday, December 19, 2011

On Demonstrating Value Part 2: It's Not a video game!

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  1. Average PUA's/Guys still aren't gonna get it.

    'Value' has more to do with the ability to connect than looking good. DHV is horseshit.

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM


    Did you catch the new Charlize Theron movie "Young Adult" - wow, its a pretty good take on the Queen Bee thing. I remember you wrote about HS Queen Bee's awhile ago and this movie is a good reflection of an ex-HS Queenbee that tries to relive her good old days...and you can just let the imagine go from there...

    Really good movie and I think you might like it. Really gives a good perspective on how things can go wrong for hot women (ex-Queen Bee's) no matter how perfect they may seem...

    I know of a couple of ex-Queen Bee's that have not done that well. Bad marriages, bad kids, jobs that lead to no where. Interesting study on life.

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Jon, the gambling thing. C'mon buddy.
    Also, I agree with this post. But I find DHV stories are just good and fun fillers before I (and lady) move/bounce. I don't use them to achieve anything other than making satisfying myself because its probably the only time the hot, and yet shockingly stupid, girl I'm into is going to satisfy anything.

  4. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Wow, Sinn talking about Emotional Intelligence, that is awesome, this post was great. Not only that, I was absolutely fascinated and enjoyed the role "Luck" also plays a role in this Game along with the different type of women and the different factors involved. Thanks Sinn, keep rocking bud.

  5. Anonymous2:43 AM

    so how do you create humor to trigger emotions?

    what are trigger words?

    I LOVE "...until the plance crashes" hilarious

  6. Anonymous5:46 AM

    How this can work toghether with social comfort? You are basicly need to nice and bleak on the begining so?

  7. Anonymous10:46 AM

    This is great advice for dressing up like a gayboy and talking to fat 5s and 6s. You are the master Sinn! Can you recommend me please any PUA who does not dress like ladyboy or who dates pretty women? I have only seen you with fatties sir! Sorry to say it!

  8. Ablaze12:25 PM

    Sinn man, wish you were blogging more. Your blog is one of the only ones I read anymore because you're ideas are always pretty spot on. I like when you debunk a lot of popular ideas in the community that people dogmatically follow.

    In my local lair I alway cause a bit of a fuss because I do the same thing. It's not that I disregard all of the mainstream pickup ideology, but a lot of it is circumstantial and only works in certain situations and with certain types of girls. Anytime I try to point out the limitations of certain ideas and concepts I have people fighting me tooth and nail, using all types of bad arguments and logical fallacies to back up what they've been taught.

    So keep it up man. I've heard some people say that your blog used to be better, but I disagree. I like seeing the evolution of who you've become and I think your ideas are getting better and clearer every time. I shared your blog post in my lair about this not being a men's movement, taught in colleges, and changing the world, you remember that post... Dude, I had so many people get pissed off at me and say your post was bullshit. I thought it was spot on.

    So yeah man, I wish you were posting more... Your blog is one of the only reliable ones I check in on regularly. ~Ablaze

  9. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Happy new years bitch!

  10. Anonymous8:03 AM

    happy new year sinn

  11. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Sinn, are you alive?

  12. Anonymous6:44 AM

    man this seems so dated compared to RSD new shit now

    lets hope for your sake they don't make the game the movie;