Monday, January 17, 2011

Removing Ego and Sexual Needines from Your Dating Life

Lately I have been cutting girls faster than barbers do.

Any little thing a girl does that goes against what I'm looking for right now:

Multiple low maintenance relationships with girls who are above the Mythical 8.5 line have real jobs that are in no way related to modeling, the club scene, or acting or performance art I.E The unemployed.

Furthermore at the first sign of a push for commitment, I am going to dump the girl and replace her. I am not interested in committed relationships, semi-committed relationships or anything requiring more investment than every other day phone contact and once a week hangouts.

It would also help to like girls as girls who are willing to have 3somes last on average 3.5 months longer than girls who don't ;)

That's it.

So if a girl starts texting too much, she is done.

If a girl starts being flakey or high maintenance. Peace Out.

If a girl starts developing feelings and I can't keep her at a distance. Dumpsvilee population you!

It feels great, right now I'm seeing one girl who works in Real Estate and I've been on one successful date and am in phone contact with another one of these girls who I'm seeing tomor. I also have a date lined up Thursday with a girl from the mall who owns a T-shirt company.

It all started when I met this girl Kristi at the bookstore. It was a really high pressure pickup as she was sitting in a chair in the corner of a seating area with no empty seats nearby. But I pushed through and got a solid number. And I was REALLY proud of that pickup so I REALLY wanted to make it work.

SO I ignored warning signs...

She started texting me so much it became clear she was creating her own Breakthrough Comfort type whirlwind. And I was playing right into it by using the opportunity to text to escalate the interaction. She was also unemployed, sort of had a boyfriend depending on how coy she wanted to play that particular day and described herself as a loner. If she wasn't hot there is 0% chance I wouldn't have cussed her out through text multiple times.

Plus If I can be real...

Audience: Be Real Son!

I wanted to cum on her tits.

She was reallly hot with really great natural tits. But then, after we had sex she FREAKED out. She gave me an ultimatum about 5 minutes after I came because another girl (who is just a friend) texted me.

I gave her my standard speech about how I don't want commitment right now, with my newly added part about Kristen breaking my heart and me not being ready to have feelings for a girl again.

A heartfelt performance if ever one was given.

Yet she stormed out anyway.

I started to go after her, and as I was putting on my clothes I thought:

" What the hell are you doing?"

" You don't want a commitment, this chick is unemployed,sort of has a boyfriend, and is a royal pain in the ass"

So you know what I did?

I stopped.

For the first time since I've been able to get laid, I turned down sex. Well technically I turned down sex without a lot of money being involved in the alternative, but I digress.

Since then I've been rock solidly focused on my goals. If a girl gives me signs that she doesn't fit the VERY specific (as you can tell from that profile above) criteria I have for what is going to make me happy right now, I'm not interested.

So when a girl recently refused to tell me her last name, despite the fact that we had been texting each other for at least a week, I nexted her.

Then a girl told me that "my schedule changes day to day, but if you text me any day you want to hang out I'll see if I can." after ignoring the question about actually getting together, and changing the subject. I texted her that I wasn't interested in that kind of arrangement and she should have a nice life.

I'm not being rude about any of this, in fact looking at it, my partiality for sarcastic digs and humor has probably made this post sound semi-angry when really I've been super nice to these girls the whole way through.

In fact I'm not even disappearing through text or concocting some mythical IRS scare or Relative in the hospital. Instead I'm calmly and sweetly telling them that they are not compatible with what I'm looking for right now.

Then when they ask why, which they all do. I tell them where they fail to live up to my expectations for the women I'm dating.

Honest, straight forward and to the point. No more going on a date just because in my mind there is a 25% chance of getting laid. No more texting girls that make me want to ram my face through a window. No more trying to get club girls attention for more than a night. No more following up with girls I'm not compatible for, because it was "on".

I'm done, out, over with that shit. This is my official break up letter to trying to get laid at all costs.

Feels refreshing, and surprisingly I'm doing better with women than I ever have before.

So I encourage you all to take the ego and the need for the easy lay out of the equation and judge each woman based on how she would impact your life globally. Just because she's hot does not make her a positive addition to your health, wallet or life.

Stay Thirsty my friends,

JS- The King Of Content.


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Just what I needed to read. Thanks you're a champion!

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM
    i viewed your page and it often displays question marks instead of quotation marks.



  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Good shit.

  4. Anonymous4:58 PM

    This needed to be posted sometime in 2008 not 2011 but better late than never Jon ;)

  5. Thanks Sinn ! Great Reading


  6. Anonymous1:47 PM

    this is all kind of obvious

  7. Jon's favorite new word for 2011: "Mythical." lol

  8. unreal, great read

  9. This post is just ridiculous Sinn. Your on a complete power trip. Sure you have the skill to meet more women, but these reasons are so small and insignificant that they are meaningless ways to break in order to boost your own confidence.

    Every SINGLE girl you date is going to do little things that piss you off or make you upset. How fulfilling is it to have meaningless sex over and over?

    I agree with you when you say that with certain girls that are just over the top to drop them, but a the same time your ego is completely involved in every part of this post.

    Sure you let go of "Getting Laid" at all costs, but you replaced it with a massive irrational power trip of dumping girls for very insignificant reasons to perpetuate your power in relationships and your ego.

  10. Anonymous10:50 PM

    It's good to see your still a player homey. Don't let up.

  11. Anonymous4:33 AM

    I'm surprised this taken you so long to grasp. You were teaching qualification for so long and you couldnt turn sex down? Man... I'm not trying to be dick here, but your happines was always conneted to getting girls and it's kinda sad.

  12. quote of the decade: "sort of has a boyfriend" get to know/date/friend enough chicks...and you doubt the shit they say every time b/c of chicks like this. her rationalization hamster has made whatever she's doing CLEARLY not cheating or anything like it....but you getting a text...well, that's just the end of the world.

  13. Dude do you even like women? It sounds like you're not interested in any inkling of femininity in the women you're dating. Like you just want a warm body to look at and masturbate inside.

  14. Anonymous11:25 AM

    25% chance of getting laid on a date??

  15. Good background....keep it up!....Online Dating

  16. Be true to yourself if you lose your way. Be true to the women you're dating.