Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medium Maintenance Girls

Girls who are medium maintenance are really cool. They are in fact the girls you want to date consistently and eventually settle down with( If you're into that kinda thing, I'm emotionally dead so I just like less drama from the girls I fuck.)

These girls generally tend to be really pretty but not the bombshell knockout "10" (whom we'll be discussing Fri). They also tend to have real jobs, families, friends, hobbies, etc to spend their time with.

In my experience medium maintenance girls tend to come from two parent homes or at least have a VERY strong relationship with one(mother or father doesn't matter), if not both parents. This is a key point as a lot of high maintenance girls have daddy/intimacy issues that drive their behavior and need for validation. Which is ultimately what high maintenance behavior is about getting the validation of everyone to make yourself feel better about being you.

Medium maintenance girls have goals even if that goal is simply to bartend and have fun until she meets a guy to settle down with(Hi Liz! miss you and Martini Ranch Scottsdale). Their lives are not filled with an infinite sea of chaos as a lot of high maintenance girls have.

Medium Maintenance girls also tend to have more friends. This is a really big issue because in my personal experience, if a girl can't keep the same "best friend" for more than a few weeks, it's because she's the problem.

Medium maintenance girls tend to take awhile to get ready. They need time to do hair, makeup, try on 3-5 different outfits. But they don't take longer than an hour(on a regular basis! EVERY girl can take an hour depending on what she's going to). That's really the test right there. If a girl consistently takes more than an hr to get ready she is HIGH maintenance.

Medium maintenance girls tend to run what I call "girl" late. Meaning consistently 5-15 minutes but rarely if ever more. Find me a really attractive girl (or person really) who is ALWAYS on time and I'll be glad to meet them. Here's another good test, if a girl consistently keeps you waiting for more than 30 minutes ( even if it's at your house) she's high maintenance.

Medium maintenance girls also seem like they are more sexually open. Meaning that they are willing to discuss sex, their fantasies, turn ons etc. It's much harder to get a high maintenance girl to open up about sex even after you're having sex with her.

So how can you use this stuff in the real world?

1. Ask girls how long it takes them to get ready. This is a great question and was my default opener for years and years.

2. Ignore the con job. Let's face it, when you meet a girl in a club she has her weapons of mass seduction ready. She may have her fake boobs (+2s) out and presented, she's got her horse hair extensions in, she's got her MAC forcefield of makeup on, and you're drinking in a dark club... The more "done up" it seems like a girl is the higher maintenance she tends to be. Note there is an exception if you meet a girl while she's out on a special event like a birthday, bachelorette party, or sorority reunion.

3. Qualify girls for real on what they want to do! The coolest girl I'm seeing now( who I'm already freaking out about, and looking for a way out of the relationship BTW) works in Real Estate and goes to LMU Law School at the same time. We talked about this the night we met. If girl has problems expressing her goals and dreams she's either not into you ( Totally a possibility with the motley crew of readers I have) or she doesn't have these ambitions which makes her a hot girl who likes to go out and get really dressed up so guys give her attention AKA high maintenance.

Ok, Friday I'm going to take my best most feministic stab at talking about high maintenance girls without sounding more than 51% angry and bitter.

Til next time.

JS- The King Of Content.


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    You mention your default opener for a long time, (asking about how long does it take them to get ready).

    Would you mind publishing it? It would be very interesting, it's a fabulous topic.


  2. Sinn,

    I love all your shit. Especially breakthrough comfort which I constantly refer to as Black Magic.

    That shit is just so good it's evil. It literally streamlines the seduction process only problem is that it makes them want a relationship ha ha ha thats why its evil!

    Keep up the good work john.