Monday, January 24, 2011

Girls and Maintenance Pt 1 of 3

The issue of girls and maintenance is a pretty straight forward one.

In fact it is much easier for me to explain my thoughts on this subject than it will be for me to correctly spell maintenance every time in this post.

What is maintenance when it comes to girls?

I'm glad you asked, curly haired kid in the back of the room.

When it is applied to women, maintenance means the amount of time, effort, energy, necessary to keep your relationship with any particular girl from stalling.

Maybe maintenance isn't the most PC term, but that's what I've been calling it for years so it's sticking. Maintenance refers to all the "work" you have to do in order to keep a girl interested and fulfilled on all three levels
( Sexual,Emotional,Intellectual).

In general the amount of maintenance required raises with the level of commitment involved in the relationship.

For example, my biz partner has had a girlfriend for 18 months or so. This past weekend he had to give up his Saturday night to go to her sister's engagement party.

On the other hand, I've been seeing a girl for around 5 weeks(non exclusively) and when she invited me to meet her friends at a bar yesterday I declined without any hassle.

Now in addition to maintenance rising with investment and commitment, some girls also tend to be more maintenance than others.

I have a lot of theories about the different levels of female maintenance and what they say about a woman that I'll be sharing with you this week.

First up:

Low maintenance girls.

Girls who are low maintenance tend to be less attractive in my experience.

Low maintenance girls tend to get ready fairly quickly, avoid dressing up, don't care about where they eat or go out to, and are pretty understanding of any situation.

Basically these girls require less effort to pick up, and maintain relationships with if you have anything going for yourself. If you're a loser, these girls can still be hard to pick up.

Sometimes you'll get an attractive girl who is really low maintenance because she grew up mostly around guys. These girls can be fun for awhile, but tend to be really unstable and age badly as their metabolism catches up with them.

In my next post I'll talk about medium maintenance which is really where the cool girls live.

Talk soon,



  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    epic post!!! I've been thinking about the levels of maintenance girl 3 months prior to your post...and its something that keeps popping in my mind when I walk through the dark streets...looks like I'm not the only one interested in this

  2. Kevin2:25 PM

    Definitely agree with above poster, posts like this and the hard and soft game are amazing! Keep the amazing posts coming!

  3. The Native10:32 PM

    Great post. You definitely have a knack for honing in on critical issues that otherwise are rarely (if ever) discussed.

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