Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Strategy Based Game

Last week, I wrote about volume based game and some of the pros and cons of that style of meeting women.

Today, I want to talk about the opposite of volume based game, which is strategy based game. Unfortunately, I don't have a really cool Basketball analogy for this type of game :(

Strategy based game applies both to cold approaches, how you set up your life, and getting specific types of girls. Strategy based game is also your best shot at getting a specific girl that's already in your life(friends, co-workers). Strategy based game goes beyond simply using tactics and techniques. Strategy based games generally follow a set of rules and a basic overall strategy.

For example:

Mystery Method proposes a strategy of approaching groups, befriending everyone except the girl you are attracted.

Promoter Game is composed of the strategy of offering women a VIP experience in clubs, then letting the social proof and authority of your positioning create attraction.

Breakthrough Comfort is another strategy based game that focuses on creating love.

One of the pros of a strategy based approach are that it allows you to focus specifically on one girl or type of girl.

Another positive is that it gives you a specific set of actions and strategies to follow and usually a way to track your progress.

The cons of strategy based game is that it takes a lot of focus and energy. Generally strategy based game takes A lot longer as you are trying to go though a full process. Some people can also become dogmatically tied to a specific strategy as I was with Mystery Method for awhile.

In general it's not a good idea to become too attached to any strategy and instead become able to adapt to whatever is necessary in a situation.

JS- The King Of Content


  1. You kinda mentioned it with the promoter game, but I think passive strategy game should be expored more in depth.

    In computing there is a term called "honeypot", basically it's a server that you deliberately set up in order to lure in attackers so you can track them and also divert them from more important targets.

    Well, I have kind of applied this concept to social life and come up with the concept of the "social honeypot". For instance, my magazine is one big social honeypot which is constantly getting me new friends similar to passive income, but I have also done some more specific things such as luring Americans to come to Sweden by writing an article on why they should study here (ie free chicks and cash).

    How can we create "seductive honeypots"? Some ideas:

    1) Be in a band and have a forum for groupies
    2) Be a blogger, cultivate a community (Steve Pavlina gets laid with hippie chicks from his forums)

    As for active strategy game and social networking, I have done that too. I created a full issue of my magazine in honor of Tim Ferriss so that he would notice me. Alas, it failed :(

    Btw contact me :)

    You: smart cookie, very experienced PUA, one of few to not be a con artist, interested in personal development
    Me: smart cookie, into personal development, runs a magazine with a lot of potential

    There's a lot of potential for collaboration here, just sayin' :)

  2. a.h.a i like what you say here, as you give examples. i ll have a new blog too soon :) but to get an audience like steve pavlina requires a lot of effort. What other ways can we attract women to us? puas seem to just concentrate on udsapproaching...i m sure if J. wants an affiliate deal you ll here from him ;)

  3. It requires some effort but not THAT much effort if you compare it to eg going to college and slaving away for 40 years or whatever.

    I don't want an affiliate deal with him, I just want to befriend him and if possible have him write an article for my magazine :)