Monday, June 28, 2010

So You Want More Podcasts? Here's What You Have To Do.

Hey there,

I've been getting a bunch of emails, and tweets and comments about bringing back the Podcast.

Here's the deal. I don't want to do a weekly podcast that is focused on pickup by myself. It's a pain to come up with topics, and fill all the talking time for a show.

If I can avoid the subject of pickup and just talk about random pop culture and things that interest me.


But if you want the old style Podcast "Sinn and The Cities" then I need you to help me to convince Cameron to co-host it. The shows Cam and I have done together consistently get the best reactions and I think the two of us play off each other well.

Right now Cam is on the fence about doing the Podcast so if you guys can convince him to come back ( Bang the monkey as they use to say about The Jim Rome show) then I will be in for weekly pods.

I'm sure you can find an email address to contact him at on his website:

Attract Women Anywhere

Much like if you want to stay out of jail and keep the money you have you better call. If you want Podcasts about pick up with Cam and Jon. Email Cam. And convince him. Sorry for the bad comparison but I wanted to throw a Breaking Bad reference in there.

Hope you can convince him.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I vote you do podcasts ranting on sports and whatever else you feel like. Make them short and sweet.

    IE- I'm looking for a 15 minute hilarity break from my work week... watching youtube videos of the "BP coffee spill" only gets me so far

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    What happened to Captain Jack being a guest?

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    yeah, a good 20 min or 30 min on latest pop culture from the week for 10/15 min and then 10/15 sports talk, you guys could pretty much offer funny ass commentary on any subject

  4. Lol, I'm on his blog now, I'll try and get him :p

  5. Anonymous7:43 PM

    eff cam do it by urself broseph...pickup is lame everybody knows everything and theres enough info out there to do it its just a matter of nutting up or shutting up and going out in field...i want hilarious sexcapades...funny stories...quotable one liners...i want podcasts

  6. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Whether it's about new pickup ideas, the limitations of game, con artists in the PUA business (it was me who suggested doing an article about charlatans in the PUA community, that I'm glad was taken up and hope is done annually, instead of who the 'best' PUA gurus are, that everyone else does), pop culture, or both, I vote to do more podcasts, but only if you enjoy doing them and have the time.

    Please tell Cam to read people's comments here, as most people probably couldn't be bothered to EMail him direct.

    If there's only about 6 or 7 comments made and not at least 20-30, then that'd mean people don't care.

    It'd be cool if the Sinn discussion forum was revived, but I take it Sinn no longer has the time, after mentioning in his March TSB podcast interview with Bobby Rio, he's writing a non-PUA book, without saying if it was self improvement nonfiction, or is a fiction book.

  7. Pop culture only. No pickup stuff

  8. Pickup is the Pinnacle11:30 PM


    1. Have some women on the show and stop having Sinn's Sausage Swordfight Podcast. It would be interesting to hear a female perspective on things.

    2. Interview some of the authors of the books you read. I'm sure some of them would love the publicity.

  9. Anonymous4:34 PM

    This would be great. I think Cam will end up with the job of chasing down the uber-busy Sinn. I like PUA and wierdness in the scene stuff, esp. if it's surrounded by fun stuff - experiences in teaching and odd situations, lessons learned, problems seen. Comments on other PUAs would be great - a Brentisode would be cherry - Cam wrote some great stuff on the limits of indifference. Models teaching pickup. How dooooo they get the babes?

  10. Mike R7:35 PM

    I suggest reality shows like the real world and I don't know if its about pick up but it would be cool if you and Cam and Captain Jack could tell some ridiculous crazy story's that happened to you guy not so much like same night lays but like story with girls that would have never happened if you guys would have never got so good with girls not just story's with crazy girls but story's about the people you guys meet just really random stuff but humors stuff you guys seen go down

  11. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Yeah, you ranting about sports and pop culture sounds fine to me. And if you don't want to do it weekly, do it monthly or twice a month.

  12. Anonymous5:12 AM

    no fuck pop culture. Let´s bring back the golden duo up to the scenen

  13. Steve Bing5:11 PM

    I don't want the podcasts. I emailed him and told him not to do it.

  14. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I want the podcasts! They are so great!

    I emailed cam annd told him to do it.

    The Cam Sinn podcasts were the best ones anyway.


  15. Hey all,

    Jon and I talked about this on the phone yesterday. I'll talk to him more in detail, and see what works best.

    I may be able to do something once every couple of weeks, but if we do a podcast, it'd be more for fun and Entertainment.

    There would be little regarding dating advice, and while discussing the scam-marketers in the dating-industry is fun, it can get old too.

    Ideally, I'd want to do a podcast that could be enjoyed by someone for the first time who'd never heard of the "Community."

    We'll see what we can figure out.