Thursday, June 03, 2010

Don't Miss Out!!!

I wrote yesterday to tell you about the incredible
deal you can get on my Complete Day Game from A
to Z Mastery Program as my way of saying "THANK YOU"
for reading my newsletter.

...And I wanted to make sure you were able to read the

Until midnight on Saturday, June 5, 2009, you can get
complete Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program for

Here's where you can get your copy for half off:

Half Off Deal

I'm holding this special sale as my way of saying
THANK YOU for being a reader of my blog.

Try my Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program for
50% Off And Get EIGHT Fre.e Bonuses!

If the 50% discount isn't enough to get you to rush
to the special website I set up, these EIGHT free
gifts should do the trick:

* Bonus #1: A FRE.E ticket to my upcoming Skill-Set/
Inner Game/Lifestyle Bootcamp that is happening in
Los Angeles.
In October of this year, I'm going to
host a kick-ass live event all about how to master
your Skill-set, Inner Game, and Lifestyle.

When you master these three areas, not only will you
get laid like a rock star, but you're also going to
be a much more happy, successful, and productive person
in ALL areas of your life.

* Bonus #2: A Special Module on how to overcome Approach Anxiety.
I recorded a special online video training session that
shows you how to conquer approach anxiety once and for all.

* Bonus #3: The Inner Game Report: How to Think Like A Ladies Man.
This special report goes into details on the exact
thought processes that separate people that are successful
with women from those that aren't.

* Bonus #4: Trouble Shooting Day Game audio CD.
I sent out the survey and asked everyone what your
biggest questions were regarding Day Game. I went
through your answers and recorded a special
CD based on your feedback.

* Bonus #5: Audio Interview with Vin Dicarlo on Same Day Lays.
Would you like to meet a girl and get here in bed that SAME day?
You'll find out how in this interview. It's packed with very
specific step-by-step strategies.

* Bonus #6: Audio CD on How to Master Direct Day Game.
On this CD I speak a true master of Day Game as he
reveals his secrets on direct-style Day Game in
this exclusive interview.

* Bonus #7: How to master the instant date audio CD.
This special CD will show you exactly how to master
the instant date.

* Bonus #8: The Lay Reports Book - Limited Day Game Edition.
You also get a special limited edition of my groundbreaking
Lay Reports Books which has an updated section on Day Game
and THREE brand new Day Game lay reports.

That's A LOT of stuff! And you get it all FRE.E when you
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Go right here and grab your copy before they're gone!

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Talk to you later,


P.S. This special half off sale ends at midnight on
Saturday June 5, 2010.


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