Friday, June 13, 2008

LR: " She needs to have her hair pulled and be called a whore"

Yesterday Moxie and I made the pilgrimage from Burbank airport to San Francisco. After a quick trip to the Haight-Ashbury area, we head to the San Fran lair meeting.

It was great to meet all the guys from the lair and they put on a really great meeting. I especially appreciated the wine and finger foods.

After that we grab some Inn and Out and a quick nap back at the hotel. We finally end up heading out to an area of the city known for hot girls in SF ( A rarity). We head to one of the divier places as I like it a bit grimier :)

I go to the bar to grab a drink and start talking to a cute two set. The initial target was a black haired girl who reminded me of the chick from brids of Prey. But as I was talking to her I noticed the other girl was actually cuter. My decision to target switch came when the original target told me that the other girl " Needs to have her hair pulled and be called a whore." Of course I oblige and she starts blushing and fanning her face. Moxie wants to bounce and I tell him as soon as I find out logistics I'll know what's up. Turns out both girls live a few blocks from the bar and they walked to meet there. Money. I'm staying in this set til the end.

I start gaming them a little bit with some of my grounding stories and some sexual cold reads. I run a lot of my Tease frames and tell her about all the dirty things I would do to her... Prestige is winging me with the original target for a bit but they both like me and I think the logistics will be easier without him. Moxie and he bounce and said they ended up at a bar with some of the lair guys before coming back to tell me they were heading down the road. The girls suggest going to get a crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell before meeting up with Moxie at this other bar.

I'm down. We bounce. Taco Bell is closed and we head to the venue. I smoke a cigarette with the obstacle and do a little escalation on her as well. I find it very helpful to have the obstacles attracted to me esp in a two set. We head inside. I run my discretion and sex won't get weird with me threads and set up a bounce. The moment of truth finally comes.

The moment of truth is when you know you're going to get laid from a two set. the obstacle will come up to the two of you and say she's tired and is heading home. They will then ask the girl what she wants to do. If you've done your job she'll say she wants to stay for a bit. My girl does. We end up grabbing a cab and heading back to the hotel. I was sharing a room with Moxie so I texted him not to come in. He finally calls around 3 AM and then heads in. I hope he was asleep this morning while I fucked her again.

This girl was a freak and we had unspeakable dirty sex. It was awesome,. She just texted me :

I can't stop thinking about you... My goodness.




  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    ... Cause now I have these bumps around my vagina that I'll NEVER get rid of ...

  2. Sinn- where exactly in San Fran? You didn't go to the "divier" Tenderloin/TenderNob did ya?

  3. Champ!10:17 PM

    Hey man.

    I love your work. I want to do a 1-on-1 with you. I have tried to contact you a couple of times on this blog without luck.

    Could you please, please get back to me?


    My e-mail:

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    "I especially appreciated the wine and finger foods."

    By which you mean---free booze.

    "We head to one of the divier places as I like it a bit grimier"

    By which you mean---cheap booze.

    Can't get biatches to pay for you yet?

    Taco Bell---prestige hardcore.

    "I was sharing a room with Moxie so I texted him not to come in."

    You've really made it big now eh?

    "brids of Prey"

    Did you mean Birds of Prey, or Brides of Prey?

  5. so in all youre posts its "i did some stuff, then escalated, then escalated, moved, then escalated"

    so if you could cover what "escalate" means to you, how you look at it, even what you do... well then that would be money.

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    haha you gotta love those haters!

    seriously, what's wrong with you guys? jealous??

    just don't visit sinn's blog, if you can't appreciate what he's offering...

  7. Best part of this blog is slowly becoming the haters. Watching people hate is actually almost more entertaining for me then the stories themselves.

    tsk tsk you bitches

    See you in august kid. Holla

  8. Anonymous8:15 AM

    the vag bumps comment was funny (not me). chill.

  9. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Where is this area of SF known for hot girls that you speak of?

  10. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I agree with jbrett. it would be nice to hear more specifics. Its like some scientist saying he found out the secret to the universe or something. thats cool and all, but how exactly did you do it?

  11. Anonymous1:46 PM

    What you mean how does he do it? Take his SNL seminar.. its not like you can pull it off anyway. It's not the words he uses. Sinn is the man, if you hear him talk you'll know he's the real deal.. Its all in his attitude, inner game, body language, and pure congurency.

  12. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Funny how the haters (i.e., Matador's groupies) have started showing up recently. Wonder why that is..... ;-)

    what biatches.....

  13. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Brilliant LR Bro, Mad helpful.

  14. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Thanks dude,

    You can always take something away from Sinns posts, he's always giving and he can only give so much when he makes a living from this.

    There's will only be a dot of haters amongst the sea of lovers.

    Jolly good post =). Awesome.


  15. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Fillmore south of Lombard!!! and the Taco Bell that is always closed. Completely changed my image of San Francisco, let me tell you.