Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boston wrap up with a bonus LR.

Hey guys,

So I finally got some time here as I'm getting prepared to give my talk to the SOCAL lair tonight, and I wanted to write about the great weekend we just wrapped up in Boston.

It started out pretty shitty as I was actually 2 hours late for the lair talk, thanks to Airtan getting me stranded in the Baltimore airport for 6 hours. I especially liked when they told me to go grab some food because we won't be leaving for two hours and then the plane left half an hour after that... SWEET.

But I finally got into Boston and headed straight to the seminar room. I did a quick sticking point analysis of all the students. This is something that I really excel at as I have been teaching for long enough that I can pretty much tell how much game a guy has as soon as I meet him. I remember before I had met Brad P I had doubts about his abilities but I met him for thirty seconds and could tell he had it. This is something we have been thinking of offering as a service so if that sounds like something you guys think would be helpful, hit me up with comments.

Then we did the first hour of our Getting Started in Game program. We were lucky enough this bootcamp to have a great group of approach coaches. This time we had Saffron, Doc Holliday, and Entropy. They run their own programs as Practical Pick-up so if you have a chance check them out. I just added all of them to my blogroll as well. I was blown away by how much progress these guys have made and how different their styles are. Entropy is an amazing teacher whose focus is mostly on inner game. He's a bit more direct in field and did a bunch of cool demos. Doc needs little introduction if you read EL Topo's blog but he's a guy who I met as a 19 year old virgin and has developed into a day game expert and an expert on under 21 game. Saffron is in his own words a short, ugly Asian guy. Though I wouldn't say he's THAT ugly :) his specialty is attraction to make up for physical disadvantages. So having those guys out was great.

The first night we went out I opened a two set on the patio with a hottie and her O.K friend. I was instantly in as I hit her stereotype. She was a girl with tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair. This is what I have cultivated my look for as I love these girls. It escalated very fast but I couldn't get her in the bathroom or to leave the venue with me to " Take a walk". We makeout and exchange phone numbers, then it's back tot he students. We ahd a great mix this bootcamp of experienced guys and newbies. We get them working with some sets bounce venues and end up at the Irish bar I pulled my last lay in Boston from. This time we work the students until about 1:15 and then I enter a students set and start flirting with another girl who has piercings, tattoos, red hair and freckles. It's instantly on and I tease her while sexcalating. I tell her I want to bite her and she says don't my ex BF is right be hind me. This creepy guy had been standing there for the whole time we had been talking. We try to pull them but the ex is taking them home so I get her number and text her later that night that I wished she was here... naked. The next morining she texts me back and says she should have come with us.

The next day we meet up for seminar with the students and break down their sticking points from every instructors perspective. Then I do a fashion and character makeover on everyone. This comes down to blending a guy's identity with a stereotype. Everyone has a way to dress that is attractive,and congruent. It's just a matter of finding it. Finally we end the seminar session by building personalized attraction stacks for each student before we head to the clubs.

The club we went to that night had no air conditioning, and I literally felt like I was going to pass out. Entropy opened a girl in a wheelchair, it was funny. The students actually did way better this night especially with approaching mixed sets. We bounce to a different more clubby venue before heading outside to debrief for an hour.

The next day I teach Same Night Lays and then while ET is teaching routine stacks the girl from the other night calls. She asks me if I want to come over to drink Coronas by her pool., I agree head over to the hotel and she picks me up. We talk a little, and head back to her house. Where she lives with her Dad and grandfather. The house was straight out of " Gone Baby Gone". Her grandfather actually greeted me with a " Go Celtics". We head outside to drink a beer and her dad comes back with their dog. I use my crazy dog super powers to make the dog like me. This was after the girl had told me that the dog never likes men. Her dad regales me with stories of the 78' blizzard.

Finally we go into her room to watch the Celtics game. I start escalating on her and she says " I should take you back to the hotel so you can fuck me. I can't believe I just said that." Then we headed back to the hotel and I banged her on the balcony feeling like Matt Damon in the Departed :)



  1. Hamburglar7:07 PM

    when are you slated to start teaching the dog super powers seminar?

  2. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Haha... pulling a chick at an Irish bar, who brings you back to dad and gramps place to watch a celtics game, in some dilapidated house in (lemme guess, everett?, revere?), and stories of nor'eastas... could you get a better "my weekend in Boston" lay story?

    Thanks again for the lair talk, you and El Topo did a great job. If you like the type of girls you described in that LR you should probably spend more time in Allston; that IS where you would live, if you where a girl, who fit that description.


  3. Anonymous3:37 AM

    The sticking point analysis thing would be very cool. Even a group setting thing where you are in a "hot seat" and you give your personal feedback at a lair talk or something would be excellent.

    A lot of people in the community can't afford a full bootcamp (i.e. college students, young professionals, etc). So a smaller, massively cheaper and simple service would be awesome. You don't have to travel anywhere you aren't going already in order to implement that.

    You guys do lair talks and bootcamps anyway so it isn't costly in and of itself. It is a matter of taking two hours pre/post talk/bootcamp and do a sticking point analysis for a limited number of guys. Charge something affordable (50 bucks a person or something) and let the seats fill themselves.

    There are quite a few guys in the community who have been doing it a while, but have limited results and could really use someone to help them over hurdles and shit.

    Plus, it creates new relationships with people who simply weren't potential clients before because of cost issues and expands your outreach.

    It's just too bad you guys thought of this after you came to Boston.

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    couldn't really learn anything from your LR in terms of pick-up, but i 100% appreciated it anyway, because you developed a pretty entertaining way of writing.

    thanks, sinn!

  5. Now that you're no longer with TMM, do you have a website with your products, pricing, and upcoming bootcamps and lair talks and such? what's the deal?

    Also, the sticking point analysis thing you were thinking about offering as a service sounds like a good idea, I'm just having trouble envisioning how you would pull that off logistically.


  6. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I guess it's okay to miss Game 3 for some quick loving! LOL! Good LR. I always hate the ex-boyfriend lurking in the background, he doesnt realize how much he de-values himself by doing so.