Saturday, November 24, 2007


So I've been off of here for about a month. I just got pretty busy and I didn't have a whole lot new to say.

Plus I taught 3 programs in a row, so I didn't always have internet access. Plus I was exhausted. I was only home for 2 of the last 20 days before Thanksgiving. Which is not as much fun as it sounds

I've also started seeing the SCW again. She seems a lot more grounded than before, and she's amazingly scorching hot in person. I ran into her on Tuesday and we ran into HBfumbled pen on Wednesday, then I hung out with her Thurs night again. Now this doesn't mean that I won't do a bunch of passive aggressive thibgs to sabotage this relationship again, but who knows. That's part of the fun, I guess... It is cool to have a girl you're excited to see, and who genuinely makes you happy. Again we'll see if it lasts. I think the key for me in being in relationships, is being able to not moving soo fast. I honestly think that the biggest problem last time, was that we were spending all day together, all the time. So I'm going to try to see her a maximum of 3 times a week when I'm in Dallas. But I'm glad she's back.

Relationships are tough. I was talking to Juice at dinner last night and he's going through some things with a girl he's been seeing for a few years. There is no completion with this stuff.Ever. Dealing with women is going to be a part of everyday of the rest of your life. And mine. So you might as well start to enjoy this process, but at the same time recognize the basic dilemma. The fight that occurs between the part of each of us that wants to go out and "sow their wild oats" versus the urge to be with one special girl and discover the heights you can take each other to... I guess I'm lucky in that I don't really want a relationship, so I never really have major issues with this, but I wonder if that's a product of my youth and lifestyle or something deeper.

It's important when considering the GF question to ask yourself whether you are getting into a relationship because you want to and this girl is really special, or if you are seeking to make life easier by getting out of the field, or if you're just doing it because you're scared to be alone, or any other reason that exists. The most important person in every relationship you are in, is you.

In other news, I'm going to Hawaii for Christmas as a present to myself. I'm excited to lay out, read and surf.

My comp's about to die, so I'll just list a couple of things I'll write about soon:

A review of RSD's The Jeffy Show, I'm a big fan of Jeffy.
A post on bad influences and dealing with them
The Q and A on SNLS



  1. Verse2:22 PM

    Good to see you're not dead.

  2. Fader3:40 PM

    Welcome Back

  3. TheVoice12:34 AM

    Hawaii has a nice little lair going on. Email me if ya want to sarge with some Hawaiians.