Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My favorite comment of all time..

Some anonymous guy on my last post told me not to overestimate my writing ability...

That's hysterical!

I always think it's funny to see how people who have never met me think my brain works.

I literally laughed out loud( I refuse to use net speak)

Well here I go overestimating my writing ability again...

Just some random thoughts. I have a girl in my bed who was in Maxim's Hometown Hotties, a year ago and she is still asleep. Now everyone knows I don't get up early, but this is ridiculous. Part of me wants to wake her, but the other part of me is keeping a line going on how long she's gonna sleep for. An impressive performance to say the least.

She is also the latest in a string of girls who keep wanting me to commit... I NEVER used to get this!!!! I think i'm doing something now that is stimulating this relationship vibe. I'm not sure if I wrote an LR for this girl, but it was right around Halloween and I was out with Vodka and Twitchy. It was an SNL and then she was getting clingly but I went away for bcs for awhile and I though that would fix it, but apparently not.

I got my turntables and the TV for my treadmill room today. I'm soo excited to start working out while playing video games or watching football.

What Else???? Future and I will be back together for a really exciting program in Boston. Fader and some other guys will be there. I love Boston it's probably my favorite east coast city. There's just something about it. The people, history and architecture are amazing. Nothing like Boston accents either...

I still have 8 more days of not having to travel or work. I was considering going to see a really hot girl I met in Phoenix, but I decided I'm officially done keeping girls in other cities. It's just too much work. I'll keep my 3-5 girls here and then I'll do SNLs in other cities.

I guess that's all for today.

Your overestimating his writing skills friend.



  1. Anonymous3:14 PM



  2. Chris4:06 PM

    Haha, Sinn your blog is one of the few things left in the "game" that actually rings true for me. Between the the VH1 show that revealed what a bunch of tools some people in this game are, to people thinking "tapping" themselves on the forehead will cure their inner game issues, I had almost given up on it. Keep writing and if you ever come down to Austin, TX drop me a line, and no, I am not looking for a free bootcamp.

  3. dont underestimate your ability to tell someone to go fuck themselves.

  4. Dude, I'd say you underestimate your writing skills.

    so I agree with mikenyc:
    dont underestimate your ability to tell someone to go fuck themselves.

    - Xtreeme

  5. Anonymous said...



    Actually, no.

    Grammatically, he's using "Your" as a way of referring to himself, as in "Your friend, Sinn".

  6. CaptinAmerica1:28 PM

    I'm a bean town boy myself. When you are in the city feel free to hit me up and we can go to a few good local places. I would love to meet and sarge with a MPUA like yourself. Shoot an e-mail over to if you feel like sarging in the city on a night off from BC.


  7. Anonymous1:35 PM

    You're welcome. ;)

  8. Anonymous1:46 PM

    My comment was merely in refference to that post. I've followed yours and CJ's blogs for awhile now and found them both entertaining.

    Writing a love letter to "the Game" and creating entertaining literature is a feat Thoreau couldn't tackle correctly.

    Don't feel a need to globalize trivial matters, the comment was made for your eyes. Nothing of that sort would get approval to be posted.


  9. Wasn't me.

    -Daddy Rewok

  10. I think you should commit! By that I mean to an open relationship with her. Just let her know she can date other guys so that you will have some competition. Then state that she has to make out with another guy as soon as possible so it will remind her how much other guys actually suck compared to you.

    Then just date around and as you probably know she is much much less likely to actually date another guy and will be more attracted to you for being so cool about it.

  11. Wally9:38 AM

    If you come to Boston, drop me a line at I go to one of the Universities here and it would be awesome sarging with you, and just seeing you in action.

  12. Anonymous1:26 PM

    If you ever get to Barstow, please hit me up at

    I'll set you up with my mom.