Monday, November 26, 2007

NWLR: No work lay report

Friday night I went out with Twitchy one of his girls, her friend and Vodka. We bounced around a little bit and Tiwtchy's girl was craz as usual. SHe tried to get us to make-out and grab her friend's hand and pulled it onto my dick, etc... Fun state breaking stuff.

But my framing was way too strong. I went through all the frames I teach in the SNL seminar(Shameless plug I know)I really do think that the key to being good at this is setting a series of progressively morphing frames that the girl agrees with and ultimately make it natural for you guys to end up doing the nasty.

We ended up drinking at a bar downtown(while also spilling 4 drinks and breaking 4 glasses) I had a lot of shots. Then we went back to Vodka's where I closed the girl in his guest room at like 5 AM.

After we were done, the weight of the half metric ton of alcohol finally caught up with me and I had to go home. Where I threw up in my parking lot and passed out fully clothed. Overall a fun night.



  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I was wondering if you are
    planning to do any more SNL's
    seminars? I asked savoy and he
    said it was up to you but that
    none are currently scheduled.

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    your snl and daygame seminars have to be held on regular basis throughout the whole year. i consider these golden....

  3. The Scarlet Pimp10:19 AM

    Great to have you back man. Always enjoy reading your posts. I always find some gold in them, very inspiring. Can't wait to see your review of the Jeffy Show.

    Your Humble Student,