Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get STD Tested!

 I just got back from passing my HIV test with flying colors and I have to say as harrowing of an experience as that is, you NEED to do it and not just for HIV.

Begin Public Service Announcement.

We big up promiscuity a lot in this blog and that's cool but the best kind of sex is safe sex. I always use condoms and get tested at least once a year. That's pretty much all you have to do and trust me if I can do it ( I literally had a panic attack at the Dr today convinced I was going to be told I'm dying) then so can you.

Most STDs are not that big of a deal for men and can be cured with a few pills, obviously HIV is a life ruiner but if you use condoms and don't have sex with women who exchange needles with others you're probably not going to get it. Though that won't stop me from freaking out about it again next year, gotta love hypochondria :)

The year's coming to a close and I know you'll feel better with the peace of mind of getting a clean blood test back, in most cities you can even get a free test that will have you out the door with results within 20 minutes.

That's my good deed for the year back to getting laid content on Fri



  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Serious question: Is it true that they stick something inside the hole of the penis in order to get a culture??

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Anybody know if they do that??

  2. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Good deed for the year is your own STI test?

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I heard sinn is the worlds biggest pussy ever

  4. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Sinn you da man.. will do? Any news on good ol' CJ?