Friday, November 09, 2012

Escalating On High Points

 Happy Friday!

I know I'm ready for this week to be over with that's for sure!

I wanted to write a more big picture post today about escalation, it's not going to be heavy on tactics and techniques but more on an overall strategy for escalation that is extremely effective and easy to use.

What's this strategy you ask?

It's escalating on high points.

Most guys treat escalation like it's some sort of confusing thing. It's not. Escalation is easy if you know what you're doing.

Here's a few factors for escalation.

1. There is no perfect moment. In every Rom-Com ever made there's a perfect moment when the girl drops mustard on herself and the guy wipes it off and they're lips meet. That doesn't happen in real life. In real life you have to man up and escalate even if the situation is not ideal otherwise it's straight to the friend zone for you.

2. People are too stupid for subtle. It's true all the little non invasive escalations that you think are working. They Aren't.

3. Escalation builds momentum. The more a girl allows you to escalate the more she will allow you to escalate in the future.

So now that we know all of that let's talk about when to escalate.

The simple answer is, when it's going well. Girls are not that hard to figure out, if they're laughing, asking you questions, keeping the conversation going or touching you, it's time to escalate.

And what are we trying to escalate?

We can escalate the interaction in 3 different ways:

1. Verbally by giving her compliments, SOIS, demonstrating sexual interest, or qualifying her.
2. Physically pretty obvious but touching is the best way to screen what girls are into you and what girls are wasting your time.
3. Logistically moving the girl around moves the interaction forward.

So now we know what this should look like.

For example:

Girl laughs at a joke- touch her immediately
Girl asks a question- qualify her for her interest in you
Girl plasters a smile on her face- try to move her somewhere else


Hope that helps,

JS- The Once and Future King Of Content



  1. Ed Baker2:54 PM

    Juggler says you should escalate on her high points (not yours) since that provides a justification for your escalation.


    1. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Wayne's a cool guy. If you're laughing together, vibing together, etc, then your high points will be shared at the same time as well.


  2. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Dude, that is fucking great, thank you. Nice and short, easy to read.

  3. Anonymous1:42 AM

    don't test sinn

    he is the king of escalation

    he escalates like a motherfucker

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Good post. Thank you.

    Please give us some soundbites when you try to explain things in the future. One or two sentences are enough for us to better understand situations.

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    hey dude, can i troubleshoot here???

    i asked the kind of retarded question the other day about whether I should call a girl little or not and you came back with a solid answer. very much appreciated!

    what does it mean if a girl replies to your text after a whole 8 days?

    key info for situation:
    -i've made out with said girl at her house over a month and a half ago.

    -we live in different cities in the uk.

    -previous texting consisted of pretty boring nice guy shit. i've got a better idea of what im doing now in terms of texting though.

    -before the 8 days radio silence she would usually reply after 2 to 5 days. id generally wait a number of days to respond mixing it up.

    -i've not responded yet, and it was 7 days ago.

    -im thinking if i respond today. it would be pretty reactive. or does that not matter?

    -don't you think if she didn't like me or there is someone else she just wouldn't respond? is this a case of extreme politeness?

    either way i don't really care i just want to bang bang bang.

    any response would be awesome!

  6. Anonymous9:44 AM

    also a nice way of describing buying temperature