Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going Out Solo Report is Here!


 So finally after a long, long delay the Going Out Solo report is available absolutely free(Don't say I never gave you anything)!!!!

You can get it at:

Download it and let me know what you think in the comments.



  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    It’s another solid report from Jon. If Jon keeps improving, one day he may become to dating advice what Robin Hood was to archery.

    So the key according to Jon is to get in the ‘batter’s box,’ or what other self-help writers might call your pre-game ‘rituals.’ There are additional ways to motivate yourself to get out, and I wish Jon had listed them, but this is still good advice.

    The ‘Common Mistakes’ section is good, and the great line “The difference between a great night and a bad night happens in the first 20-30 minutes” is so true. Your initial emotion feelings and level of success will determine the future course in so many things in life.

    The report is succinct and really hits just the basics you need. In many places it would have been great if he just elaborated a little more. For example, the ‘Keep Your focus section’ is such an important topic, but Jon keeps his advice to one paragraph. Others readers will also wish he had spoken a little more in different sections.

    Good job Jon. On behalf of all the friendless losers that are your commenters, I wish to thank you for this useful and readable report.

    PS - Please let us know when the Robin Hood report will be ready.

  2. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Complete control over your social life, ha sounds like more PUA marketing hype like getting any girl you want. Advising guys to lie because there sorry asses have neglected their social lives and now they are 40 without friends so they could go out alone instead of telling them to put the hard work in fixing their lives. Idk man but you still sound like a pick up artist to me.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    oh yeah
    thanks sinn

  4. Good video, but the exercise should be:
    Go out and approach 6 women AND SPENT AT LEAST 10(or more) MINUTES TALKING WITH THEM

  5. Anonymous2:06 PM

    There's a thing that should have been clarified:

    Going out solo is easy as hell.

    People are just stupid because they feel anxious, at the beggining, when they go out with their wingmen so they go like "wow, this is already difficult with a friend, going out alone must be insane".

    Having that mindset is stupid as hell...
    The moment you feel confortable in the field, wich is when you just star approaching decently and caring very little about rejection is the moment when you are 100% ready for going out solo

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Thank you very much.

  7. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Awesome. Thanks, Sinn!

  8. Anonymous2:23 PM

    by the way, thanks sinn, you're an angel

  9. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Robin Hood report? What will it cover & how much?

  10. Anonymous6:16 PM

    How about instead of trying to emulate Robin hood, YOU try to be the best YOU that YOU could be. Robin Hood is an unrealistic Idea that was built up through out the ages. For someone to try to be like "Robin Hood", or "Tyler Durden" from Fight Club, or a "Pirate" or a "Ninja" or whatever, is missing the point of working on your inner-self. Copying a character from Complete fiction is counter intuitive and immature. Unless you're going to steal from the rich and give to the poor, which is what "Robin hood" was based on, you're a poser and should get a life dude. "Robin Hood" would never copy "Robin hood"


    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      Modeling a successful masculine archetype can be helpful for new guys. This doesn't mean becoming a clone, just modeling the essential traits.

      Robin Hood is a good-looking rebel who plays by his own set of rules. He's not a passive bystander—instead he actively helps those around him. This is hugely attractive to women.

      Do you know Cajun? He originally modeled Robin Hood and talks about it on one of his DVDs. When Sinn releases the RH report, I'm buying.

  11. Anonymous3:57 AM

    How big was Robin Hoods penis?

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      British historians believe that the length of the standard modern arrow was based on Robin's "arrow." His pants arrow that is.

    2. Anonymous12:22 PM

      It doesn't matter. Robin Hood's attracted women with his raw masculine energy. Attraction basically comes from dominance, not from the size of your package.

    3. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Robin lost it in battle and had a wooden prosthetic made.

      A 1000 years later, after Sinn lost his own genitalia in a tragic bass fishing accident, he purchased the ancient prosthetic from the museum where it was kept. Now Sinn proudly wears it.

      Strangely, Jon has developed a slight British accent ever since wearing it.

    4. Anonymous7:34 PM

      It was so big it took all of Sherwood Forest to keep it hidden.

      When he would bathe in the river, peasants would scream at him that there was a sea serpent following him in the water.

      That's the legend at least.

    5. Anonymous7:00 AM

      Long and thin like his Arrows...

      Read that Anonymous aka Daivid D:

      It's funny the first time but not when you do the same thing all the time.

    6. Anonymous3:50 PM

      not as big as sinn's huge mother fucking cock!

    7. Anonymous2:37 PM

      i thought sinn had a bent crooked cock

    8. Anonymous12:50 PM


      i heard that his cock was zig zag shape

    9. Anonymous1:49 AM

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    10. Anonymous9:34 AM


  12. Anonymous7:43 AM


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  13. Good for a primer Sinn, eventhough I wanted physical escalation and club game combined, you never discussed this in detail or had a profound look @ it. Kindly consider doing at least a blog post, further would create great clarity if you can do a comparative study between day game and night game, the sides of the same coin but with major calibration and intricate differences, SNLs have a different blue map than approaching in star bucks for example.......

    thank you.

  14. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Hi Jon

    Thanks a lot, this is what I voted for. Look fwd to going through it now :)


  15. Anonymous12:06 AM

    A better idea, is to do a 1 hour Sinn Inner Circle audio, that'd cover going out alone, in more detail.

    1. Anonymous2:35 PM

      I agree!!!

    2. Anonymous5:58 AM

      I agree too

    3. Anonymous9:33 AM

      yes please sinn

  16. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Covered everything important. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Anonymous6:02 AM

    That's in the seduction roadmap. However it needs more information. Like you said with "major calibration and intricate differences". More details for the rough outline. He also has a product on Same Day Lays but they are not very detailed. Would have expected a better content. The 10 minute Lay audion helps a bit also. But it's all too superficial information. More input is needed and 3somes wouldn't be bad either.
    How do I take over the club eg if there are 2000 ppl and you're by yourself.
    Good thing would be reading/screening women and groups of ppl better with (video) examples plus contingencies. It's time for deeper knowledge and not this superficial shit.

  18. Anonymous3:54 PM

    thanks sinn,

    you are now cool enough to suck tyler durden's midget dick!

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      tyler durden has a fucking small salami

  19. Anonymous12:32 AM

    hey sinn would you be able to do a post about how to create a non game social circle if youve been indoctrinated in the game for many years.

    I caught your suggestion about volunteer work which i thought was a good one and i am gonna try out.

    Clases are ok but can quickly get expensive.

    Any other suggesitons would be cool.

  20. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Has anyone seen my keys?

    1. Anonymous3:15 AM

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    2. Anonymous10:33 AM

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    4. Anonymous9:33 AM

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    5. Anonymous1:35 AM

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  21. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I went out last weekend and now I realize I made a couple of mistakes such as not building momentum and doing warm-up sets. I also stayed in venue too long looking like a loser not talking to anyone. after listening to your report, I am pumped about going out alone again! thank you Jon!

  22. Anonymous12:15 PM

    It's not day in general day game.I feel weird out at the mall.

    Street,beach are fine.But mall is not my place.everybody say it's good practice place.

  23. Anonymous1:02 AM

    The fuck you guys dissing and whining about. You got a free dope report from a guy who knows his shit.
    Jon you probably not allow everyone to troll here from the settings or something. Shit's getting outta hand.

  24. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Sinn, I desperately need your help.

    I've just been to the toilet and taken a massive shit. Problem is, I don't know what to do next! I'm just stood in the cubicle with my pants down!

    I've researched on the Internet, racked up a few thousand posts on forums, and I'm still no closer to the answer. Im getting desperate!

    What the fuck should I do?