Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Girls Mean When They Say Things Volume Something: "I'll call you the day of."

Today's venture into the often strange world of women and their catchphrases is the ultimate sign you've got a flake on your hands.

When you ask a woman out and she responds,

" Give me a call the day of/before."

Or any variation of this theme.

The idea that she's not sure of her commitments so she'll have to wait until the day you're supposed to hang out to see if nothing better comes along.

If a woman ever says this to you, it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, but it does mean you shouldn't plan on going on that date.

You can still follow up on these situations, because every now and then a woman will follow through on a statement like this, but in general it means she's probably going to flake. So it's a great tip off to start using flake prevention material like flaking first, or pretending to forget the date etc...

The best thing about understanding statements like this is that you now can recognize when flakes are coming and start to apply the proper tactics and techniques as opposed to being blindsided by the flake you never saw coming.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King Of Content


  1. what a great tip thanx

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Holy shit Sinn that happened to me i went on a date with girl i couldnt close cause i had class then i tried to set up another date and shes like call me cause i forget and stuff like. Now i know what she really meant, i texted and got ignored damn...sinn your a smart motherfucker now i know what to do

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    What happened to the podcasts? I really looked forward to those.

  4. Gambler1:11 PM

    Sinn, in my life, this is very timely.. went on a date with this girl, she shows me tons of IOIs, starts making all these plands, and then gave me statements that I now realize show'd she might flake and then caught me off guard by flaking.. I sent her a message the next day basically only saying how great the concert was she missed, but again, no follow up, her friends know her as flaky too.. probably is she's a 9.. she's definitely gaming and flaking but I want to follow up and we have a mutual friend coming in town this week.. dude any advice? Thanks, great work