Monday, May 10, 2010

The Number One Secret To Internet Game By Viktor Kurgen

Viktor Kurgen is a former approach coach of mine who stepped away from live coaching to focus on mastering Internet dating, he's got a great blog with some awesome articles like the one below.

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Why Are Women Online In The First Place And How To Use That

You would think hot women could easily meet guys in the "real
world." But you will find tons of hot women online. What gives?
Think about a hot woman's reality. She meets guys that will let a
woman hear anything that she wants in order to get into her pants.
She knows this. Take the ugliest, fattest woman and know that she
can call up any guy that she knows at 3AM and get laid. If you
understand this, you understand that men are not really being
themselves around women. Imagine a woman that is a 6 or above on
the looks scale. Guys are falling all over them. But women don't
want that.

What is a woman to do? She wants a man to be himself irregardless
of whether he gets laid or not. That is the key. That's why all
these hot women are online, because come Friday and Saturday after
a night of huge disappointment of guys just wanting to manipulate
them into sex, they look at their online profiles on Saturday,
Sunday, and Monday for the man who has the courage online to be the
Prince Charming. So now that you understand the psychology of
women online, you can manipulate this to your advantage by keeping
these key points in mind when you e-mail a woman for the first time:

1. You have to relate to her like a hot woman would relate to
you--all the girls you meet are after you and they will stop at
nothing to have sex with you; you are tired of this and want more
than just a "hook up." You are on Match to meet a woman to have a
relationship with.

2. Don't be needy. Don't have the frame that she is the "one."
You should have the frame that you are complete in your life, but
that you just want to share your fantastic life with someone

3. You are better than her. This is the most important point
for women online or offline: you have to make your life more
important than her. If you do the opposite, that is, you make her
more important than you, that is the biggest "turn-off" for a

Make sure you hint at all three of these things in your initial
e-mail to her. This is absolutely critical! In fact, I cannot
stress this enough but let's continue with secret #2...

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