Tuesday, May 04, 2010

RHONY Power Rankings week 9

Oh such fun was had in Real Housewives land last week, the season is really starting to pick up steam now and Jill Zarin is still being publicly flogged by the producers of the show. And Alex and Simon on Watch What Happens Live.

So this week we got start out with my favorite little fame whore Bethenny complaining about the fact that Perez Hilton had leaked her pregnancy info on his blog... Which is weird considering that Bethenny claims the only people who knew were her and Jason and that one friend she called. So weird, or fake ;I vote for fake. The scene with Jason's reaction was pretty realistic seeming except for the fact that he said he didn't want to inconvenience his parents who live in Pennsylvania. Which is like 2 hrs away. Then there was some Luann stuff with Sonja. And Dog Poop unfortunately. Bethenny talks to Alex and tells her to deliver the message to Jill Zarin that they are in fact done after last week's ring debacle. Alex decides to take this and run with it. Sonja decides to get a little bit of her stomach pooch removed and Ramona pounces on her Dr like a Panther. All of which leads off to the big payoff scene where Alex gets flustered, ignored, breaks out in hives and eventually publicly embarrasses Jill by telling her in front of everybody that she and Bethenny were done for the seemingly 75th time.

Let's rank some catty middle aged women.

1. Alex Mccord. This episode was truly Alex's coming out party, she obviously has been mad at Jill Zarin for awhile and this was her chance to really smash the Jill monster. It was funny and frustrating watching her get talked over, and break out in hives before she started in on her mission. Good job Alex, and it seems like the Alex-Jill Zarin feud is really going to be WW3 and I can't wait.

2. Ramona. Ramona's "research" in the Plastic Surgeon's office was awesome and then she has the line of the episode when she tells Alex that even she wouldn't have the balls to say that.

3. Bethenny. I think bethenny handled herself very well this episode and actually was not a Godfather-esque figure in Operation Alex. I still think she planted the Perez Hilton pregnancy thing and I'm not really into this whole mellowing out pregnant, not bitchy Bethenny.

4. Jill Zarin. Jill's really getting it from all angles the last few weeks. Not that it's undeserved... I put her this high this week because she totally took over that TV spot which was definitely the right move as Bobby seemed like he was freezing up.

5. Sonja. Sonja had some pretty funny one liners this week. And she actually seems to be a pretty together woman after the cougarness. I'm starting to like Sonja.

6. Kelly. Kelly should have been higher strictly for her kellyism of explaining how she was trying to joke with Alex and warn her that they always kill the messenger. She felt the need to to explain this was a joke afterward. Kelly as always is an idiot.

7. Luann. Luann sucks.


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  1. Man, I can't watch shit like this. Even for the people watching aspect, just winds me up too much I guess.