Monday, May 24, 2010

I want to personally teach you to become a seduction master!

Hey There,

If you want to explode your game and start getting laid
like a rock star in the shortest amount of time possible,
then what I'm about to tell you is likely to be the
most important information you receive this year...

Here's what this is all about:

This weekend, I'm PERSONALLY conducting a LIVE Seduction
Roadmap Workshop in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

The dates are May 28 to May 30.

That's right, you can learn from me personally for the
first (and most likely only) time this year.

You might be aware that these days the only time I
actually do live, small group trainings is in my
high-end coaching groups.

But next week I'm working with a just a few guys as I help
them personalize, my groundbreaking Seduction Roadmap
to their unique situations.

(If you're not familiar with my Seduction Roadmap,
you can read about it: Here )

Studies have shown that live training is the fastest
way to really take your game to the next level.

I've changed the lives of literally hundreds of
guys through my live workshops and I want you
to be my next success story.

You'll be learning from me directly and my Sinns of Attraction
Instructors as we work together to customize the Seduction
Roadmap to your game and your goals.

And then, for two nights my certified Sinns of
Attraction Instuctors are going to take you
out "in the field" to help you apply your
customized Seduction Roadmap in real time.

Spaces Are Limited

Since I already opened up spots to this program
to the guys who enrolled in my Seduction Roadmap
Training Program, we currently only have TWO
spaces available for the Seduction Roadmap Workshop.

This means that if you want "in" on this you need
to act fast.

Now, you're probably wondering what the investment
for this program is going to be.

These days, a full weekend of training with me costs
$10,000. Last year, I did a small group infield
workshop at the steeply discounted rate of $6,000
and that was a steal.

But I know that the economy is tight these days so your
investment for this program is only $1995.

What's more, I'll even let spread your investment into
two payment of $997.50 spread 30 days apart.

How To Enroll In The Seduction Roadmap Workshop

To grab one of the two remaining spots in the
Seduction Roadmap Workshop, all you have to do
is fill out your information on the following website:

Sign Up

After you fill out your information, we will email
you all of the workshop details.

Just as a reminder, there are only TWO spaces
available for this workshop and this email
is going out to over 20,000 people.

The spaces are given out on a first come, first
served basis so if you want to get in on this
you need to sign up right away.

If it turns out that the spaced have already
been filled by the time you sign up, you will
be immediately notified and issued a full

All you need to do is click on the link below
to enroll in this one-time only Seduction
Roadmap Workshop:

Sign Up

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

JS - The King of Content

P.S. Sign up for the Seduction Roadmap Workshop

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