Monday, September 29, 2008

Updates, LR: Sex Date, and my Infield Insider Info...

Hey guys,

It's been a crazy busy last few weeks. Since the last update I've had a couple of crazy adventures. A few of which are still ongoing so you'll have to wait to hear about those.Suffice it to say it involves a double lay with a Z list celebrity involved. Keep an eye out for that later this week.

I haven't talked much about what I've been up to the last few weeks. Basically since finishing the lay reports book, I've been stymied business wise by a terrible web development company,I found on Elance. It's been 3 months of them trying to get my site up and so far, nada. Savoy keeps telling me this is pretty normal in dealing with IT people, but I want to put my face through a TV screen. Or someone else's face as that would probably hurt :) So in the meantime I've been really annoyed by the general state of teaching and learning in the community. There are a bunch of things that EVERYONE can do to get better with women fast! But you have to be able to recognize your own unique advantages and disadvantages and work on developing a plan of success for yourself. Not someone else. Anyway I ended up writing about 40 pages last week and I will be releasing it for free soon. I think this is going to change the way a lot of people think about learning game and consistently improving.This stuff is a huge reason I always get better each year, while others gurus stay the same....

I've been all over the US lately, I was in NY for two weeks during which I filmed an episode of Infield Insider( Brillantly in NY on Labor day weekend when everyone was in the Hamptons. I'm retarded.) and worked with a few students out there. Then I came back to Dallas, before I went down to San Diego to record the breakdown of the in field stuff with Mehow. I have to say I was totally wrong about Mehow. I had a lot of fun shooting and talking game with him. He's extremely smart and knowledgable. In fact I recently finished the first volume of his Group Attraction Manifesto which takes breaking down subcommunication to a totally different level. One of the things that stands out about Mehow is his positivity. He's one of the most positive people I've ever met. I actually asked him about it and he told me he often gets told he's delusionally positive. Delusional or not, it's a really great way of being. We ended up having some drinks, almost getting beaten up in a dive bar and then grabbing some Denny's. Overall a really fun night that I never could have imagined having a few years ago.

You can check out the Infield Insider:


I'm gonna film another one next year, at some point too.

Then I headed back to Dallas for the weekend where I went to Sunday Night Football with some friends. I'm 2 for 2 the last times I've gone out to watch football. Which just goes to show that the more you try to find avenues to meet girls you enjoy, the better you're results will get. The first time I wrote about in the BJR I posted awhile back and this time I ended up making out with both girls and taking one of them home. Then I went on a date with the other one last Tues. She's a weird Z list celeb so I'll write all about that when I get home. The date alone deserves it's own post for the wackiness of the situation. Then I headed down to Miami to work with one of my long term coaching students. He's been making huge progress. We worked on day game in South Beach, which as my buddy Trance noted " was like taking a rookie to the Super Bowl." He did great though and got a couple numbers despite being very inexperienced with day game.

I hate Miami a lot, but I have to admit it's probably the best place in the world for doing cold approach. The only places with girls of comparable hotness are Vegas and Stockholm. Vegas is an SNL town which is cool but you'd have a hard time retaining girls since almost everyone you meet will be a tourist. or stripper :) Stockholm can't even begin to compete in the weather department or the sheer size of the city. However Miami is still an unlivable cesspool of pretentious people, superficiality, and general douche-baggery. South Beach still looks like something out of the 70s. The pastel colors and bungalows come straight out of Grand Theft Auto. In fact it still feels like the guy from Vice City is gonna run up on you every time you're on the streets. I like a lot of the venues, but most of the weeknight hot spots are still home to the asshole door guy. It's funny because no matter how big the city there's still a core of club people. You'll always see the same people out on the same nights of the week, promoters and door guys will switch clubs, even bartenders swing between a couple of places a night. This is good news because if you're setting up a social circle, you don't need to befriend everyone, just the right people. That's a huge thing most people miss when they're trying to get their social circles together.

Once my one on one was over I headed up to NY to wrap up some filming on a project Julian Foxx and I are doing together. I met Julian the last time I was here and we really hit it off. We decided to film some stuff and we'll both be talking about that soon enough.

I got in Saturday afternoon and had set up a "sex date" with a girl I met the last time I was here a few weeks ago. I met her when I was out with Fader and a girl he was seeing in Hoboken. I actually had started off trying to hit on another of her friends(a redhead) before I found out she wasn't actually with the guy she was all over. She told me they were brother and sister, which later turned out not to be true. She's a pretty interesting girl. Very into the fetish scene but also a very successful health food store owner... We really hit it off that night, but she had to drive her "brother" home. I blew her off a few time to go out with Fader but kept in touch with her through text. She's ultra sexual and I'm pretty sure she was a stripper at some point judging by the way she danced. So we decided to set up a sex date for Sat night. She even told me she'd have to get rid of her date so she couldn't do anything til after 11. Turns out she had a ton of drama with her ex and ended up going drinking with her "brother". So I roll up to meet them at about 12:30 PM. The "brother" is a really cool guy in a fucked up situation, he's married to a woman he doesn't really love and they have a kid. He's also hooking up with my girl's friend. So he's got a ton of drama as well. I just sit and listen. He tells me he approved of me when we met because I was funny. I always like people better when they think I'm funny :) Anyway he has to go home so he dropped us off at her place. At which point she wanted to dance, so we head to a dance place. I informed her that I don't dance, but rather have seizures to music, and she tells me that's good because she'll have something to hold onto. We go, grind, and makeout with ice. Escalating with ice is a huge sexual suggestion, it assumes the sale and shows you know what women respond to sexually. Finally she looks at me and says " ready to go?". On the ride home she drives straight back to her place and then as we're pulling up, she says " OMG, I didn't even ask you if you wanted to come back here. That's rude of me." I told her it was ok and she just assumed the sell. We go upstairs she shows me her dog and then we both take showers before sex. One weird note is she had an IUD which was very strange and unexpected. Luckily she warned me about it, or I would have freaked out. I didn't get to bed until about 9 AM after she brought me back before going to work.

Yesterday I watched a lot of football,so if you don't like sports you can skip the rest of this post. But I feel like ranting a bit. First the Brett Favre 6 TD game should really be called the Kurt Warner 787 turnover game. Kurt Warner does this EVERY year, he looks great for 2-3 weeks people start writing the " Kurt Warner is better at 36,37,38,39 than he was at 26, 27,28, 29.... Not true. Kurt Warner has a bad hand. He's had it since St Louis when he gets hit and starts holding it, he's gonna fumble. Then he's gonna throw picks and then he's gonna make sad faces and talk about Jesus in a postgame conference.

The Eagles sure did a great job of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This further proves that Donovan Mcnabb is the least clutch quarterback ever. People marveled when the Eagles got to 3 straight NFC championships, but forgot to notice that Mcnabb kept stinking the joint up and losing to teams like the Panthers. Then the infamous Superbowl dry heave issue. And again last night he throws a Favrian pick late in the game.

Finally the Cowboys lost for the first time, making me very happy. A because I didn't want to hear Cowboys fans talking about a perfect season. Though the idea of Tony Romo quarterbacking a 14-0 team and fans hyperventilating every time he drops back does sound delicious. The NFC East is pretty ridiculous. The Redskins looked pretty decent last night even though Romo helped them quite a bit. I really want Jason Campbell to be good. Last night it looked like he was starting to grasp the west coast offense. Plus Clinton Portis is probably the most underrated guy in the league right now. He just consistently gains yards on the ground and through the air. Plus he wears awesome wigs.

Allright, I'm ranted out.

Talk to ya guys soon.



  1. Sinn, what are you trying to do for your business/website?

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    The Cowboys loss was strategic. It's all part of Wade's Master Plan.

    ~ CJ ~

  3. When will we be able to purchase the Lay Reports Book?

    Also, in response to:

    "One weird note is she had an IUD which was very strange and unexpected. Luckily she warned me about it, or I would have freaked out."

    I don't understand that. IUDs are inside the uterus and you can't (shouldn't) be able to feel them during what's with the freaking out?

  4. I felt something, but I do have a HUGE cock.


    I dunno dude there was some weird metal thing may not have been an IUD and now I'm officially freaked out and doing an internet search.

    You suck Andy ;)


  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    miami, vegas, stockholm.......nothing compares to those places in terms of hotties! so true!

    i'm surprised though you're doing stuff with julian.


  6. bfpsu7:52 PM

    The Eagle game was a nightmare. They get four turnovers, hold Orton to like 25yards passing in the 2nd half and still lose? McNabb is a choker but Andy Reid made horrible calls especially when the eagles had 2nd and goal from the one footline late in the game.

    I know it's a sore subject:) but what did you think about USC getting upset by Orergon State? I really thought SC was ready to take the game back over with the quick 14points to start the third quarter. It was like SC couldn't see Quizz Rodgers behind his linemen and he was gaining sizeable chunks of yardage on every touch. Corvalis is becoming SC's graveyard.

  7. Paper8:31 PM

    Im from Miami, and it's true that if you party on south beach, it gets pretentious. But if you go to downtown, theres a couple of spots that have their own vibe, which is more casual and has a lot of girls.
    Also, sunday night has hipster bingo which has a really good girl/guy ratio.

  8. Donavon Mcnabb is a bad ass. He's never had a number 1 receiver except for t.o. (and then he goes to the Superbowl). He lost to the greatest show on turf, then to Tampa bay Buccaneers hall of fame defense(they should have won at least 3 super bowls with that D) and then the panthers, who gave the Patriots their biggest challenge in the post season ever. I'm not a Eagles fan, but Donavon is a bad ass with the players he has around him.

  9. You hate the Cowboys yet lived in Dallas? That must have sucked.

    Love your stuff btw.

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