Friday, September 19, 2008

BJR: She left with another guy...

This actually happened on Monday night.

Last Monday myself, Speer and CJ headed down to a local sports bar to watch the Cowboys play the Eagles on MNF. There's a great bar in Dallas where hot girls actually go to watch football. I know it's weird. It's actually pretty annoying because you have to get there around 2 hours before kickoff to get a good table. So we get there, eat, wait for CJ and watch the game. While there I notice two girls who were Maxim level hot. Ridiculous. The only problem was they were across the patio with no path to walk over to them as they at a table behind a table. Finally one of them gets up to go to the bathroom and I open her direct. She says thank you and walks off. Swing and a miss. Oh well it was the only chance I had and I took it. So I feel pretty good about that.

Then after the game which the Eagles choked away, as Mcnabb had shades of Superbowls past. we head up to one of the social circle venues in Dallas. It's always got hot girls, the approach angles are terrible and there's a lot of dudes. I'm walking around talking to some girls when I see a very cute short girl with big tits in a texas tech shirt. She looks like she's in what i call "frisky" mode as she's walking around talking to a bunch of guys and flirting with them as they walk by. She touches CJ's face and he tells her it'll cost her a dollar. As she walks away I claw her in and tell her she's adorable. She's all over me. She starts telling me I'm sexy and pulling my shirt up in the middle of the club. My mind says extract. So I grab her by the hand and tell her we're taking a walk. She says she wants to grind me against a wall. I say outside.

I get her outside with minimal resistance as I just lead and go for it. The key to In venue lays is having the balls to keep going for it. Just move them out of the club and try to escalate the first private place you find. I find a a little corner behind a Chili's and push her against the wall. Makeout. Shirt off tits out. And pants down. as she's blowing me a car drives by and some black girls laugh at us. I move her further into the little alley. We finish up and I take her back inside. She buys me a drink and then tells me she's going to find her friends and to wait for her. I figure I'll try to pull another girl so I wander off and talk to some other girls. I also feel no approach anxiety as I actually did just get a blowjob.

I run into her on the dance floor an hour later and she's now obviously drunk. she's all over a couple of guys. I leave as I already got mine and this girl seems weird. Then I'm standing with CJ when I see her grinding and making out with a bald guy. I start cracking up until CJ tells me that I've probably made out with a girl who just blew some guy in the parking lot too. I choose to ignore this as it can't help me :)

Later in the night I saw the guy actually pull the girl, so kudos to him. And her for doing two guys in one night. Impressive.

Not really a lot of information in here except that girls will do incredibly slutty things. Which is good information to know.



  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Im feelin your non-judgmental observation mind frame.

    I like to see that and notes about no-go's and blow offs...
    For me, these ground things alot to real-world relation.

  2. Xander5:46 PM

    "I choose to ignore this as it can't help me :) "

    Bahahaha! I'm dying!

  3. hi Sinn (and Lance),

    So Sinn, if I'm reading it right, your latest blog goes back to what I said earlier -- there is no need to show you are "cooler" than the girl. You connected with her, and you didn't need to say anything, right?

    I was at Burning Man a few weeks ago and met this guy. Or should I say, he materialized right in front of me while I was standing next to the taco bar. I never once thought he was "cooler" than me, I don't even remember much of the conversation, but the connection between us was instantaneous and intense. It was more at an energetic level than a rational level.

    I saw him again a few nights ago, and it was exactly the same. I felt totally present, he was all over me, and it felt totally comfortable and natural. I've been celibate for 4 years, but in that moment I was like "wow I really want to explore this."

    I'll fully admit that I used to be in the "who's cooler" paradigm but I was also way more in my head and not fully connecting. Now it seems like connection just "happens" when two people have cleared out their judgmentalness and future expectations. I'm not thinking of "where is this going to lead" or whatever. I'm in the moment. It has nothing to do with social value, DHVs, negs, blah blah. It just feels like there's no more barrier there between me and the other person.

    Resonate at all?

    - Erika (a/k/a a girl who cares)

  4. Just being able to recognize when a girl wants to be pulled is like PU on steroids... most guys can't do it or are afraid to take the chance. Those guys bore her.


  5. Yours is one of the few blogs I love to read m8.

    cheers for always giving spot on info and advice


  6. I'm just marveling about the difference in feeling that you can have interacting with different people. For someone like me who usually has an affectionate, warm, touchy-feely but very platonic energy with guys to be suddenly all heated up is pretty amazing.

    Sinn, I hope you don't mind that I'm still laughing (with you) about the BJ in the alley thing ... it sounds kind of surreal and like a cartoon ...

  7. PUA Training Blog9:04 AM

    I respect your honesty man.

    Fair play for taking your chance, but seeing her 'servicing' another guy right after you must have left a bitter taste in your mouth...

  8. "I also feel no approach anxiety as I actually did just get a blowjob."


  9. This was a great blog, me myself have trouble with the pull, to most of the big dogs in the community dont have any trouble doing this. I wonder whats the difference