Monday, April 16, 2007

Tyler on Big Egos

By everyone's favorite Guru, Tyler from RSD...

Everything that he talks about here is really applicable to inner game and getting yourself into the right frame of mind to suceed without needing to consciously focus on tactics and techniques. It's real fascinating stuff, but will require a lot of introspection. But ultimately Inner psychology is one of the three tenets of what I call maximized game.

My thoughts being that you need skillset, you have to get social experience in and you have to do cold approach to do it, unless you have a social circle with 500-1000 groups of people to interact with to make sure you tweak a variety of situations. And you have to anticapate some luke warm to bad reactions, and if you never have to see those people ever again, it can be better.

Then you need inner psychology, because as you get better, depending on your level of inner game(confidence) prior to this, you will start to find your inner issues coming up in field. They may be something like being too scared to physically escalate, leaving the set whne everything is going really well, not asking a girl for a phone # etc... But they will come up. And you need to deal with them to continue making progress, and to continue on the road to becoming a happier more self actualized person, who will attract more women.

Then you need to develop a lifestyle that brings you into the company of the women you are trying to meet. That means not just focusing on cold PU, but developing a social circle, throwing parties, taking courses and learning new things etc... That way you are around the girls you want and have the skillset and inner psycholofgy necessary to make the most of it.

That's maximum results.

You can read Tyler's article it's the second one down as of writing


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    hey bro
    could you write something on developing a lifestyle and how you managed to faishon yours

    congrats on the move bro


  2. It's a great post. I like.

    C'mon though Sinn you can top that ;)


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  4. Dynamics11:01 AM

    Hmmm, kinda reminds me of that challenge thing you and mehow had going...big egos,huh?

  5. Thanks for the link to TD's post! I agree ppl should concentrate on having a life and in the process getting girls.

    You are one of few guys who have the skills and experience to teach others. Most guys are just dating coach wannabes who are too busy trying to build their ego and seducing other guys!

  6. glad you liked the piece, World's 2nd Greatest PUA (:

    much love,

  7. What? No new content in almost a week.

    This must be Sinn doing a 'takeaway' to punish all you assholes for dissing his taste of music April 12 'Song lyric of the week.' heh