Sunday, April 15, 2007

Packing is not fun...

I'm sick of packing and I am leaving like half my shit.

So far I have boxed up all mys shoes(1 full LARGE box I'm embarassed.) All my movies, books etc... except for I AM THAT which I am attempting to get through right now. I swear I need some easy reading soon. And my Surround sound system. I still need to figure out how to ship a plasma TV without it getting smashed, sending me spiraling into a tornado of suicidal rage. The moving company guy reccomended a freight company, if you have any ideas email

I also ordered some new shit:

A new King sized bed and mattress. I have been on a box spring and a mattress forever. I have literally never owned a bed with a frame in my life. Even as a kid I only got one because I broke it jumping on it and shit. So then I never had another bed... Until now. I am super excited it's a leather modern frame bed that rocks. I had to switch the color scheme to match the color of the walls and the carpet. That is the least masculine sentence I have or will ever type in my life.

A new TV for the bedroom, I've been in a studio for 11 months since I moved out from living with roomates. My first one bedroom, also exciting. But I need to get a TV for in bed watching, a staple of my dating life.

A new sofa. My last sofa came from target and was not conducive to fun....

A bar and Bar stools, they are really modern and look like they belong in the standard. I now realize that the large quantities of alcohol are not something I can rely on the internet to produce.

And some more shit, I fly out to sign the lease and lease a car as my 95 Mustang which is missing a rear view mirror and the ability to drive without shaking will not be making the trip. Also neither will a ton of my shit which I am donating to the Salvation Army. I try to donate as much usable stuff as I can as I used to SHOP at the Salvation Army, so giving back makes me feel like I'm giving back in a weird shallow way. Anyway I fly out Tues night and then fly back Fri afternnon to help at The Don's seminar. It's good I'll still have a place to crash here, rather than having to crash on a couch or in a hotel bed.

Then I fly to London for a crazy six days of 2 routine consults( Where we give each student a UNIQUE routine stack from Openers to Comfort material and date ideas) a regular bootcamp and a day game program in 6 days. I laugh at Jet lag. Then I'm back in the new city and am all set up.

So the process is almost over, and I am soo glad to get out of LA. Can't wait.



  1. It does not sound fun at all.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Routine consults... WOW. More info PLEASE.

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    You're a grown man who lives in a studio and drives a '95 Mustang? Teaching workshops must not be profitable for you.

    Don't you have skills to pimp some sugar mommas for money?