Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm still alive...

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been SUPER busy with the move.

Right now I'm waiting for the movers and the salvation army to come pick up all my shit.

I accidentally turned my tv off too soon and now I'm catching up on Curb your enthusiasm DVDs that CJ introduced me to.

The set up in the new city is going well and I'm starting to learn more about myself and the ways I seperate girls in my head.

No matter how many girls I am seeing etc... I never feel completely comfortable until I have a girl who feels like GF material or that I am able to develop an actual crush on. It takes a specific combination of personality and looks to spark that kind of interest.

I have that now in my new city, she's awesome, smart, hot, witty. She even told me to pay more attention to her friend when I was picking her up, because she said she liked me and wanted her friend to as well.

Unfortuately as is the trend in my life as soon as a girl like this pops up, I head to another country for 6 days. This time it's London for workapalooza 07.

It's weird that I no longer live in LA. I'll no longer fly into Burbank, and I won't have a car or a bed in here anymore. Weird.

I helped at The Don's bootcamp this weekend and it went really well. This is the last bootcamp where I live in LA, now it will go back to hotels or Savoy's house....

My move is not going as planned, as my stuff was supposed to be picked up on Thursday and wasn't leading me to now being rushed and waiting for my TV to be picked up and I need to donate my car... So much left to do before my 5 PM flight to London tomor.

I have some new game breakthroughs to post about later this week.



  1. Congrats on the place and you are a sick sick person. That is I am envious at your ability to move to a new city and already find a girl that is GF material. Enough with the flattering though.

    Your blog is one of two that I read regularly so keep on posting! Amazed that you found the time now with the move and everything.

    Are you holding the upcoming BC here in Stockholm by the way? *M

  2. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Sinn, I agree with maximilian, your blog is amazing keep it up and I'm sure much much more people feel the same way that are just too lazy to write lol...

  3. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I wanna know about Seance, CJ and el topo, or should I say el topo LOCO?

  4. i thought u were dead

  5. Yeah, thought HBperfect had made an honest man out of you or something.