Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reminder: Go To Filtered Venues!

 Hey there,

I went to a networking thing on Monday and ended up bringing a girl home from there and I have another date with a different girl I met at the same place.

The reason: Filtered Venues are easier.

I've talked about filtered venues before on this blog and in different forums, but to review; filtered venues have a generally have a theme or specific idea that brings people together outside of trying to just "go out".

Some examples of filtered venues:

Charity Events
Networking Events
Yoga Classes
Co-ed Sports Leagues

These venues are easier because they bring people together for a reason rather than randomly. They also generally bring people together to socialize so there's no bitchiness or awkwardness when you approach women there.

So if you wanna get laid more and not waste your time, you better check out filtered venues.



  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    no, we are master puas. we need to cold approach. Cold approach or DIE! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. JohnD8:03 AM

    Its interesting as this isn't really talked about in the PUA community but I personally always go to filtered venues, especially for events I'm personally interested in. Makes it a lot more fun and you immediately have a default topic to fall back to talking about. Wine tasting's are are great for this.

  3. Anonymous4:09 PM

    suck my pussy sinn

    I know you fuck moms at random


  4. Anonymous11:55 PM

    hey sinn

    Long time avid reader of your work which I am grateful about. You speak about SNL venues....can u give us some characteristics from your prospective ?

    ALSO you wrote an article a while back...I looked everywhere on this blog and can't locate was about 10 questions a guy should preemptively answer for the was very interesting...would love to go over it.

    Thanks champ,

    Much Appreciated