Monday, October 04, 2010

Why I Don't Speak At Most Summits



If you want to see Professional Speakers and actually learn something

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  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Wow. Are these guys really that incompetent or is the setting just tough?

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    johnny wolf is a clown, they all suck. this is hilarious, almost as bad as Shit Systems.

  3. what the fuck was that? Is that some kind of national TV?

  4. wtf was this? is it some kind of national tv show?

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    They were trying to be fun/playful but they came out as a little creepy to her. They were not that bad openers imo.

  6. Anonymous2:44 PM


    Fucking losers!

  7. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Holy shit. Vince Kelvin was funny, but the last guy was unbelievably rapey.

  8. That's an impossible situation. Viewers and the show want to see "secret awesome tactics" when the first rule in a day game setting like that is to be normal (social comfort) way to win with the "frame" established by that show

  9. Anonymous3:26 AM

    *Holy* Shit!


    Just Speechless..

  10. Anonymous8:29 AM


  11. The setting is absolutely impossible.

    1. The girl expects the guys to talk AT her and not with her. This means she's not really part of the interaction so having any conversation is impossible, especially with the time constraint.

    2. She expects to be entertained so she isn't willing to give the PUA control of the frame, ie that she has to entertain him.

    3. She is looking down on them from the begging and doesn't want to seem like a slut for falling for it on national TV.

    She essentially expected to be picked up with stereotypical pick up lines instead of actually meeting a guy she liked. The ONLY way to do anything in this situation is to do exactly what she expects and rock it, or to flip the frame.

    I would have gone with the later:

    You be the Dairy Queen and I'll be your Burger King: You treat me right, and I'll do it your way.

    I want you to take what I'm about to say seriously though. You expect me to give you some BS line instead of opening up to me like a person and having a real conversation. You give me 30 seconds to talk, you expect to be entertained and not entertain me and you're not trying to have an equal conversation where there's give and take. It's obvious this is the situation from the other guys. This is the worst circumstances possible.

    If you want to actually get to know me and have a conversation sometime we can do that but you don't seem to care either way.

  12. Why would they even go on TV to do crappy things like this?

  13. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Honestly, the most intelligent thing to do in this show is not to buy into the frame to begin with. In fact, your entire purpose in that show is to make YOU look cool, not to win the girl. I would've went in, so yeah, the producer expect me to produce magic out of my ass and apparently, PICK YOU UP IN FRONT OF NATIONAL TV. But yeah, i'm just your regular normal guy who happens to love women and usually, if i meet the right girl, we click and it's all good.

  14. guys, this was just a short fun segment on tv, to have a laugh and get some publicity. That's all. Guys are dissecting it like it's a State of the Union Address

  15. Agonizing. Granted- these guys were set up to fail, but THEY agreed to the terms. And each of them saw what was happening and willingly walked right into it.
    Not ONE had the courage to say, "I'm not a preforming monkey, I'm a professional."

    *but it would have been funny if one of them pulled out Brad P's "horse girl" opener.

  16. hahahahaha so embarassing for those wannabe pua's

  17. Mike R4:55 PM

    Sucks for all the legends but Speer made a good impression Social comfort first than I woud have busted out role play or cold read for the tv to wow them

  18. Haha Jon, couldn't agree more. This was a dark day in the age of Pickup Artists. These guys got slaughtered!

  19. I agree the odd's were already stacked against the PUA's, it was fixed and the point of the bit was to try and embarrass them. I think it was just a fun segement and the station was not out to destroy the community or have an agenda. This was just a time filler and gives the community some exposure.

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  21. Hey Sinn, ever thought about starting a PUA/lifestyledesign magazine? I bet there would be a niche market for such a thing!

    Hit me up on email and we'll brainstorm.

  22. Anonymous2:30 PM

    "Wow. Are these guys really that incompetent or is the setting just tough?"

    They really ARE incompetent.

    Here's why, if you're told you're going on a morning show and have 30 seconds to work your game, if you're a

    - assess the situation
    - dress for the situation
    - an appropriate opening for the situation
    - know your audience

    Jeff Ross, is a professional 'Roaster'. A guy who insults big stars. The setting is usually at night, lots of alcohol, really really rude, insulting jokes.

    He got invited on a morning show to Roast the crew.
    He toned down the vulgarity,, calibrated to the situation, and did an incredible job. That's because he's a pro.

    A fail on all except Carey.

    It's not an impossible situation, because Carey proved it was possible.

    He kept it light, fun, and easy.

    This has proved to me, that a really good opening can make or break the deal.

  23. Anonymous2:42 PM

    The setting is not impossible - as far as the PUA community would tell you with a $3000 bootcamp. It goes to show the charlatans out there.

    The odds actually were not stacked against them from what we are supposedly taught. Its just as tough in a club or bar so why is this any different?

    Is it any different if you were a baseball player and they were throwing you fastballs on TV to hit? No, its your craft for gosh sakes..

    I think it shows the true side of all this for most PUA instructors. These guys are not good at this. Its simple.

    Sinn - thanks for posting this!

  24. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Sinn, thank you for posting this. Before I lose faith in all dating coaches/puas, please indulge me. What would a veteran like YOU (and not these tyros) tell this host exactly?

  25. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I'm glad Spear pulled it off. He recognized the ridiculous nature of that show and just went with it.

  26. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Hopefully people will realize that learning pickup is a waste of time. These guys you saw on the TV show are the best of the best in the community and they came across like fucking losers. They represent what you can become if you too put in the time. You can stick feathers up your ass but you're still not a chicken. A losers always going to be a loser. If you want girls the only method you should follow = Go to school, get a high paying job, hit the gym. PS. I would be pissed if I had attended the PUA Summit to have these bozos up on stage.

  27. T21Crocks1:04 PM

    but the 21 convention is not a bad as all the other conventions... you were there and i hope you will go there again

  28. Hey Jon,

    How sad is that. See you Saturday.


  29. How are they dumb enough to walk into a situation like that.

  30. I agreed with "david" above, guys here are "dissecting it like it's a State of the Union Address." It's fluff. The reactions to it are far more interesting: People are reading into it what they are biased to read into it. Perhaps this fluff proves these PUAs suck, or perhaps this fluff proves all PUA information is worthless -- whatever people believed before, they see this as evidence for that belief.