Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm on the Barry Kirkey Show Tomor!!!!

Hey guys,

The deadly combination of me and Barry, hits the air tomor.

Can you imagine?

The two biggest shit talkers in the community, unscripted, no rules, nothing is out of bounds...

I had a blast recording it and really think Barry is one of the funniest people I've met. He had me busting up.

Check it out tomor morning at

Highly recommend Barry's show if you're not already a listener, it's awesome!



  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    awesome man I love it! barry's voice is kind of annoying sometimes. especially when he gets excited or something and his pitch goes SUPER high. you are super money though.

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Great show today. You guys wrre great together. That would be cool if you were a regular on Barry's show.

    Keep exposing the community bullshit. It's a big mountain to climb but you will do more good than all the phony PUAs out there.

    Take care man,


  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Barry is like the coolest person on earth until he mentioned dreamweaver....I mean would he like it if his mom was dying of brain cancer and I go jajajajajajaja!!!

    remember don't criticize anything that you can't change

  4. PUA! at the Disco1:55 PM

    hahahahaha. ridiculous. "smegma"


  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Is the "Tomor" you mention in dreamweavers head?

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I think its hilarious how he does sound effects from various PUA's.. Love the TD one where he plays the MAKEOUT, MAKEOUT, MAKEOUT.. haha. Hilarious!

  7. Jason7:31 PM

    SINN could you review flawless natural? Woo.
    Imma check out interview now.

  8. Anonymous12:17 PM

    good shit im half way through it. Why does everyone think you're an asshole man? I think you're just honest and come across as douche. Anyways, was nice meeting you at the convention and hitting grits with you. peace du.


  9. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Sinn, are you and Barry gonna do another show together?

    I also like you on the Thundercat interview, except it would have been better if it was minus Thundercat.

  10. Anonymous4:55 PM

    YES DREAMWWAVER HAS BRAIN CANCER. I FEEL SORRY FOR THE GUY NO MATTER HOW RUDE HE WAS, Sinn probably won't aggree with me on this but, hey! everyone has their own opinions......respect the bazooka!

  11. Anonymous7:59 PM

    most excellent interview barry has done thanks, in no small part, to you! Highly enjoyable!

  12. Hey Sinn, listened to your interview. That was entertaining, loved how you always had something to say and your vibe in general. Althought I got really pissed when that 3rd guy was trying to his story/problem and you would interrupt him with a flurry of words :D

    There is one thing I would like to ask. You've told that Tyler helped you to overcome some very personal problems. I were listening to it very carefully, because someone in my life faces alike problems. Could you expand on this? If you help me here I would be terrificly grateful.

    Take care, Sam.