Thursday, August 07, 2008

The 5 girl plan...

Hey guys,

I was reading this book called " Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi and it's all about networking and creating relationship plans. I started reading it so I could develop some sort of structure for planning my students progress, through social circle building, managing relationships, meeting people to invite to parties, etc...

So I got to thinking about my perfect relationship plan and I decided that it consists of 5 separate girls to serve different roles. The first one would be " The Internet blowjob girl. She's reliable comes at my beck and call and gives great head. IMO this is the best type of girl to meet online. They are plentiful. Then you have the "super hot club" girl. These are the girls in the club with their mini skirts, dancing on bars. Next you have the bisexual girl. This one is self explanatory but it's a good idea to always have a bisexual girl both for referral sex and threesomes. The fourth girl is the girl you really get along with who you consider dating exclusively, and the last girl is the fetish girl, whatever really turns you on, you should have a girl with that trait.

So I will now start out building that rotation, the internet search begins, along with Bisexual girl hunt 2008.

If people are interested I'll post some stuff on relationship action plans. It's a pretty cool concept IMO.



  1. Yo, Sinn, any idea what happened to CJ? His blogg has been dead for what feels like months now

  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    HAhaha, I have that rotation!.. Minus the "Fetish Girl"..


  3. Superhead has a dating blueprint with 5 people that you might like:

  4. Anonymous2:50 AM

    That Karrine video is super insightful. She totally explained why the kind of "PUA" dogma that you can be a loser but if you have game you can get 10's doesn't hold up. If you are poor, badly dressed, out of shape and ugly then why would a 10 want to mess w/you?

    In order to get super high calibre girls you have to have your financial success, fitness, grooming, game and emotional health completely intact to get 10 and more importantly to keep her.

  5. Marcus8:27 AM

    Hey sinn please post more about relationships asap


  6. Anonymous9:22 AM

    What about laundry/cleaning girl?

    ~ CJ ~

  7. I have all but the Bi girl, we can collect them like trading cards. I'll swap you two Internet Blowjobs for one Bi Girl...Anyone care to trade?

    Peace J. Smooth

  8. Anonymous12:52 PM

    A Laundry/Cleaning girl is key! ..

    Meth junkies don't count.


  9. touche, captain jack, touche