Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Who do you want to be?

We are all works in progress, so I think it's very important to periodically define what characteristics you want to be defined by.

So I made a list of characteristics I want to eventually embody. I also made a list of things to work on daily and long term in devloping or maintaining these characteristics.

1. Smart
2. Adventurous
3. Creative
4. Funny
5. Loyal
6. Honest
7. Hard-working
8. Open Minded
9. Happy
10. Disciplined
11. Healthy
12. Emotionally open
13. Diplomatic
14. Energetic
15. Passionate
16. Brave
17. Optimistic
18. Challenging
19. Lover of women
20. Charming
22.Good Friend
23. Educated
24. Trustworthy
25. In control of myself and situations
26. Rich
27. Artistic
28. Fun
29. Sexually adventurous
30. Humble
31. Classy
32. At peace
33. Clam and Relaxed
34. a non procrastinator
35. Clean and organized
36. Opinionated
37. Controlled drinker
38. Sophisticated
39. Immune to social pressure

I started off planning on writing a 10 point list, but almost ended up with 40. I highly recommend that everyone does this. It will give you something to work on and towards. That way you have a picture of the man you ultimately want to be to work on, or to hold yourself accountable when you fall down.



  1. I generally dislike the current "Inner Game" preaching of the community. It seemed to me that seduction got sold out so more money could be made by transforming dating coaches into life coaches.

    Guys with "Inner Game" problems won't be helped by telling themselves that they should be more confident. They should go out, game and pull. Confidence will fall off from that like the last leaves of this fall.

    This post, however, touched me deeply. It is so honest, brave and powerful. It is not some abstract, new-agey "Live in the moment!" b.s. It is a concrete list of attributes that one can compare with one own's values. It is inspiring you do that and the fact you do is telling about your success.

    Your posts are all pure value. But this one made me finally post a comment.

    It is not surprising that even people who turned their back on the community ("being a man") adore you, Sinn! Don't listen to the Nay-sayers!

    People like you are the reason that people like me transform their lives. We stop crying about our lost girl friends, lose weight, work out, go skydiving and pull several times a week.

    You can be proud of you effect on other people in this world! There WILL be better men and happier women because of your work...

  2. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Sinn, I love you bro, I really think that what you do is great to men and your going to be rewarded one day big time. I hope nothing but the best for you man, take care.

  3. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Great idea! but I would pare it down to the core essentials you really need artistic and creative?
    This is going to be VERY helpful as all your posts cut through the mustard and to the point.
    Thank you again for an energetic and worthwhile posting!

  4. Good post. Here's a perspective type of video that looks from the futur back to your now.

    It is a prof. who gives his last lecture knowing he is dying. Listen to what he says about his goals and life, and especially about teaching.

  5. It's value, dude. It's all it is.

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM


    I took your Chi day game course and loved it. When are you doing another bootcamp after Honolulu?

  7. Anonymous8:44 PM

    this shit gets you laid.

  8. You (and probably everybody else too) should start to work their list from the back. The first things most people think of are the ones they already excel at, and we admit the real trouble makers only after some deeper thinking.

  9. Anonymous4:51 PM

    wow, 3rd poster, creativity and artistic are definitely underrated. at least creativity should be in your list too as in everyone elses. watch Sir Ken Robinson talk about it on TED if you wish.

  10. PUA! at the Disco3:39 AM


    I'm assuming you read all of the comments that get posted on here.

    Here's a request for the blog:

    A review of the toecutter/TMM seminar that happened in Ozz.

    I posted about it on the forums some time back and no one responded and I didn't hear ANYTHING about this event anywhere.

    It's been some time since it happened but it would be AWESOME to hear a review of it and some of the concepts that were divulged.


  11. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Czar's post above really is very insightful, especially his first two paragraphs. I noticed this trend at least as far back as the Cliff's List conference in 2006.

    However I also want to say that there are indeed some people in the community who have suffered severe emotional traumas in their past, and no amount of workshops that teach skills/techniques/"outer game" can cure them of these traumas. These individuals need to seek professional help, get past their traumatic block (or learn how to manage it), then work on the skills.

  12. Hey Sinn, looking forward to more insights and updates on your blog when you get a chance! You have a loyal readership.

  13. Anonymous7:11 AM

    33. Clam and Relaxed