Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Importance of logistics...

Whenever I think of the main things that guys should work on in order to be more successful with women, I alwasy forget to mention logistics.

If you want to get a same night lay, logistics are especially important.

Last night The Don and I pulled a 2 set from the standard with an assist from AJax.

I made a crucial mistake that lead to me getting LMR. I left my house keys in my car.

So that mean that we had to pull to The Don's house 20 minutes away. This also meant that I couldn't isolate my girl. I now had to remain with the others rather than just being able to pull to my place.

Logistics are one element of the game that is entirely under your control.

That means that if you are trying to get a girl home that night, your place needs to be immaculately clean, should have some alcohol or other party accessories, and should have a reason to bring the girls there. This also means that you should make sure you always have condoms in case you have to go to her place.

When I was in Pho for my last bootcamp the night before Rahn and I pulled a 2 set back to a guy friend's place where thanks to me having a condom, I was able to have sex with the girl on the couch.

Another thing to mention about logistics, if you are trying to bounce, you should bring up where you are bouncing to in the first 25 minutes. This is called seeding the bounce. Then you need to bring it up again as you are getting ready to leave.

Logistics extends to Day2s as well.

You need to make sure that the girl either meets you at your house, her house, or at a comfort location near your place or hers.

The reason to do this is to make sure that you can easily get her back to a seduction location when you have built sufficient comfort.

Also make sure that you have a reason to have her come back to your house. A book, a movie clip, a hookah, etc. This is to avoid having her come upstairs with no pretense which will undoubtably trigger her ASD.

So in conclusion make sure that every night you go out, you have condoms, a plan as to where you will bounce girls and your place ready for partying.



  1. Hey, I work as a limo driver as I'm going to school. I have a hard time getting to day 2s since I do not know my schedule till the day before it happens. I mostly work at night too. Got any suggestions? I also know Vision pretty well here in Denver but he has not been able to come up with a solution to my problem.

  2. i always try to have my "survival kit" w/ me as going out. since i wear lenses this is also a major factor to bridge so that one doesn't feel too crappy in the morning if there's a morning-follow-up for the nightly activities.

    survival kit includes: a lenscase, a lensfluid portionpack (the brand i use comes in tiny bottles - i.e. 1-per-day-bottles rather than one big one.), breath-mints (sub for brushing your teeth) and condoms. this all fits in a pocked w/o showing. and definately helps logistics. a lot of the girls here in Sweden prefer to bring one over to their place instead of going w/ a guy. and instead of battling to get her over to your place - you can just go along which lowers the risk of running into a ASD. if you're at HER place. it's HER rules. so therefor she don't have to use ASD's to feel in control.