Monday, November 13, 2006

The Day to day life...

I always wonder what people think I do during the day.

I wake up(either alone or with guest) deal with whatever situations are left on my phone thru text and messages.

Then I work out or do some day game while running errands.

I often think that I should get a PA, then I remember all the girls I meet at Target and Whole foods.

I answer emails while watching sports shows like Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn.

Then I clean my place to prepare for pulling or Day2s.

Lastly I figure out if I'm doing a day2(BOO!) going out(Boo!) or having a girl over(YAY!).

I also alternatively watch sports, keep up to date on movies( rocks!) and work on setting up programs and products.

That's my domestic life.

Unfortunately that is only about 2 weeks of my month, the rest of my time is spent in airports, on planes, and in shitty hotel rooms. I have atleast 2 travel days every week I have a program(Austin,Toronto,Hawaii,New York and Miami in the next 5 weeks) Usually Thurs and Mon. These days I spend shuffling from one end of the country to the other. Rarely on non-stop flights so I spend a lot of time in airports(which sucks).

Then I get the joy of trying to squeeze day2s around 3 days of seminar and 2 nights of workshop. Or I play one night stand game and try to get girls same night, compromising solid game.

It's an alternatively great and frustrating life, but it's all worth it. Especially when I pass throgh a city I did a program in Pho awhile ago and ran into some guys I had taght earlier and their Gfs who were both 8+s (so if you guys are reading good job!) and that was a really cool moment cuz I remember what they were like before. So there are definite rewards to this job beyond money and girls.

Tomor's Agenda:
Wake Up-Earlier
Pick-up a new pair of jeans and get my make-up done(Great way to game makeup counter girls. Do this before D2s as a way to look your best.)
Fax back contracts for conference rooms
Work on my comedy web-site
Get a hat
Get a copy of crash to replace the netflix I lost
Get file folders and start taxes
See Comedy with HBBrlesquedancer


  1. Captain Jack9:54 AM


    Not only are our daily lives different. We have unique thoughts and thinking patterns as well.

    For example, the other day I was scrubbing my hair in the shower with Garnier Fructis (with Active Fruit Concentrate, For Normal Hair) when I thought it would be fun to figure out how many women I've laid this year.

    Even though it would be a simple matter to look up the Lay Reports on my computer I thought it would be fun to see how close I could get.

    About this time it occurred to me I've had sex with 0 women this year.

    But, I've fucked the HELL out of dozens of condoms.

    ~ Captain Jack ~

    P.S. I guess this isn't entirely true. I had 3 condoms (those shitty Trojan extra thins) break so that makes 3 lucky girls.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Interesting blog, particularly the a day in the life of Sinn entry

    It'd be handy if you could add an RSS feed for it, here's how to do it on blogspot

    Keep up the good work

  3. Taxes... the joys of working in the Entertainment business... the things you can write off. The question is do you have the balls to take condoms as a business expense.

  4. Mr. Breaker9:16 PM

    Dude, you rock!

    Your blog is very inspiring.

    I am a brazilian (amateur) PUA living in germany. So I had to reframe almost the whole game. To get things done here.

    I have always thought that I was a pro. Until I heard about the Mystery Method.

    I hope I can get there someday.


  5. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Dude you wear makeup?

  6. Anonymous3:32 PM

    LOL, who the fuck wears makeup?!

  7. 1. Kindly post your Mysterymethod and Stylelife post on here. It is too difficult to search it everywhere.

    2. How do you handle the idea of AIDS. When you fuck with so many girls, it is dangerous!

    3. What are your sticking points now?

  8. Anonymous10:54 PM

    That's spin by the gay community to attract funding my creating the impression that AIDS can affect the population at large. AIDS is barely contagious via unprotected vaginal intercourse. With a condom it's a non-issue. (Hepatitis is a real problem, however.)

  9. Hey Sinn,

    The makeup idea is interesting.

    Yet another way of taking a page from the girl's game. ;)

    How far do you go though? Just foundation? What if she calls you on it? Do you just cut and stack, or do you have a funny story to DHV that's related?


  10. crypticfox8:23 AM

    As a DJ I can definately relate with regard to the travel thing. I'm sure you travel more often, but nonetheless... I've spent my share of time in airports and cookie-cutter hotels.

    Back in may I spent 24 hours in terminals and on planes trying to get to my gig in Tokyo. Bleh!

    Well worth it though, after I actually figured out the two shuttle busses and 5 subways I needed to get to my hotel. :P