Thursday, November 16, 2006

Handling contingencies

Handling Contingencies:

If you can systematically discover every contingency in a set and then find the solution to that contingency, you will have error free game.

First let's define a contingency: a contingency in regards to pick up is a possiblie outcome.

For example a girl says she has a BF.

The solution to this contingency is simply to say " I understand we'll be discreet."

However there are a myriad of contingencies that can arise that we must learn the solutions to.

Certain pieces of the game are in and of themselves contingency plans.

Opinion openers for example are contingent on not being able to hook a conversation.

Opening in and of itself has but three contingencies.

We'll assume we use the opener " Hi I'm Sinn"

Contingency 1: They respond with an IOD( Indicator of disinterest) such as " we're having a conversation."
Solution: The solution here is to respond with a bigger IOD such as " You are such a little shit!" it's important here to be able to hold the calibrator at the end. Meaning that based on the way she reacts to this IOD we can soften or harden it(See my post on Microcalibration at

Contingency 2: They respond with an IOI( indicator of Interest) such as " We love your hair"
Solution is to do what we call fluff talk or comfort game while simultaneously raising my value in line with theirs. This means that I make special note not to bowl them over with too much value.

Side Note: There is no such thing as overqualification. Running too many dhvs or negs etc... is an error it's not like a magic formula that says every set has to have a certain amount of value, etc...

Contingency 3: They respond neutrally " hi I'm Janelle..." Here is where I want to raise my value as quickly as possible while making sure that I disqualify if necessary.

More group contingencies: The target starts to lose interest: It's Hey shows over here! or if an UG starts stepping up we have to disarm her by complimenting her.

We also have to handle interrupts like a 2 set turning into a 3 set that happens like this :

1. say to the set " introduce me to your friends that's the polite thing to do."
2. Then introduce yourself to the new person.
3. Now neg the target in front of the obstacle " is she always like this? "
4. Begin a new opener or routine directed at the new person. "Did you guys see the fight outside?'

The next major point where contingencies become an issue is when we ask " How do you all know each other?"

We'll assume it's a mixed set as that poses the best range of possiblities.

Contingency 1 : They are a couple, we go one step further and find out that they have been together for 2 years.
Solution: If you want to pursue the girl( not a wise choice ethically) You need to disqualify hugely by talking about your GF and then befriend the guy by engaging him in " guy talk " subjects while negging the girl. Then mention that you are ignoring his GF and tell him that you want to hang with him but you want to make sure that his GF is ok with it. Then Isolate her.

Contingency 2: They are friends from work.
Solution: Still befriend the guy, but don't make too much of an effort to include him, you can isolate without his permission as he has no claims on the girl.

Contingency 3: They just met.
Solution: No need to befriend him, instead make sure that the girls are fully engaged and then move them ASAP.

Next you need to handle contingency answers in A3 like if the girl doesn't respond to a hoop we IOD by saying " You know what I was just being polite" and go back to demonstrating more value. Or if she doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up we have to respond by saying " You're like a feather in the wind, i used to feel like that but I always felt like i was on the right breeze..."

Finally there are comfort contingencies and LMR contingencies

The point of this post is that there is a pattern to human behavior and time in field will reveal it to you. If every time you run an opener you get the same objections that is a contingency that needs to be handled.

In fact almost all openers have contingencies that happen all the time like:

Jealous GF

Most of the time 90% or so the girls will say that she's crazy and shouldn't burn the box. At this point we can stack forward as we don't want to neg them for having a similar opinion. Whereas the 1 time out of 10 that the girls think it's ok to burn the box, we neg them by saying " Mental note do not date this girl..."

Bryan Tracy says that one of the key differences between successful and unsuccesful people is that successful people recognize patterns and learn what to say and do when those patterns emerge. The same thing rings true for gaming. Successful PUAs recognize the patterns and respond with the correct contingency.



  1. Good post Sinn. Sinn how long have you been in the game?

  2. Recognizing patterns is what separates the mediocre from the hugely successful. This post is genius... in fact, a whole book could be written on "contingencies" - and maybe you're the guy to do it. If you think about it... there's probably a finite amount of contingencies that could come up (maybe accounting for 95% of plausible situations) - and if you plan for everything, you're game is unstoppable.

    Great post Sinn... I'm impressed with your thinking. Hey, were you there for the Dr. Phil bootcamp in L.A.? ... There was one instructor I didn't meet, and I was curious if that was you. Anyways, look forward to more.

  3. Xtreeme5:14 PM

    Hey dude!

    Just wanted to give you credit for writing this!

    - Xtreeme

  4. Wow. As usual, we're thinking about some of the same things. I was just posting about girls with boyfriends on my blog.

    There's been a rash of them recently. I wonder if anyone has ever surveyed a large enough group of girls and asked them "do you have a boyfriend" at different random times of the year. My intuition is that there would be a statistically valid bump every fall carrying on to around Valentines Day.