Friday, March 15, 2013

Sticking Points # 4: Not being able to get/recognize attraction

  Back with the 4th installment of this sticking point series (I'm currently brainstorming 2 huge posts on Duality/women and Technology and where dating is going, these will have multiple parts and will possibly interrupt this series but it'll be worth it)

Today I want to talk about attraction.

The biggest problems guys have with attraction is that they cannot recognize it. They literally can't tell the difference between attraction and girls being polite.

There is even a name for this bias in psychology; The Male Sexual Overperception Bias which basically says that men tend to believe that any interest a woman shows in them is sexual interest. This is the biggest problem men have when it comes to talking to new women because they assume that any interest a woman has is sexual even when it's obvious the girl is simply being polite.

This leads to guys looking for signs of attraction which are mostly useless, punch yourself in the face if you're still looking for:

Girls flicking their hair
Girls licking their lips
Girls tilting their heads


Instead you need to focus on the two best signs of attraction that will almost always be accurate

1. Will she move with you (even if it's just 5 feet)
2. Will she qualify herself.

If the answer to either of these questions is no and you have been talking to a woman for more than 5 mins it's time to move on as she's not attracted to you.



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