Monday, January 30, 2012

Real Quick Post today as I just wanted to share something I've been teaching in an advanced training class that will be helpful to some of you blog readers who are a little bit better with women.

Social Status Matters, NO ONE DENIES THIS! But unfortunately your overall social status may be much higher than your social status in the environment you're trying to pick a girl up in.

That's where this status equation comes into play, you're status in ANY Pick-up is extremely formulaic and easy to figure out/manipulate.

The Status Equation

Your status = Framing + Social Proof.

So let's break this down.

By now you should all have a basic understanding of how to frame yourself as high status (Hint it's called Attraction), there are more advanced ways of course like Name-dropping, Inside language, Correct Bragging and more. But this is a short blog post so what ya need to know is that you frame yourself through your words and actions as either high-medium-low status.

The other part is social proof or more importantly how people are reacting to you. Are people treating you like you're important? Do you know people in the environment? Etc...

Now these two can contradict and even out but combined they equal your status in any given interaction.

Kinda high level to think about in field, but interesting.



  1. I fully agree. A few nights ago, out alone, saw a cute girl & she saw me. I tell a joke to some guy, he introduces me to his group as a cool guy, cute girl moves closer, I say know the rest.
    JS- thanks for the life changing skills I have learned from your courses & blog. Keep up the great work.

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    As a fellow stickler for grammar, I couldn't help but notice the improper use of "you're" in this post.

    You're still a baller, though.