Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FACT: Women Make you Stupid(er)

Yo yo,

I was surfing the depths of the interweb yesterday and found a link to a pretty awesome article that confirms something I have been thinking for a long time.

The act of merely mentioning a woman's name makes men perform worse on standardized tests. That's right just the mere mention let alone real life interaction.

Is it any wonder cold approach can sometimes feel like the hardest thing on Earth? I think not.

The article as a whole is worth a read, and you can check it and the study out:





  1. Anonymous3:47 AM

    you john suffer the same problem which you have talked about other people. your reticular activating system is only willing to see the studies and data that already agree with your preconceived beliefs and values. as david deangelo said about 1 of our 2 biggest issues, we are only seeking validation to make our egos feel better. your brain is actively filtering out any data that doesn't agree with you. hell, nick savoy does the same thing on his blog, only posting studies agreeing with what he believes.

  2. Anonymous3:56 AM

    sinn, stop being a hater. your level of game has become stagnant, and you seemed to have hit a maturity plateau. i don't think you are very emotional healthy. while other guys who do what you do has evolved and moved on with their life, you are stuck at the same phase of life for the last 3-4 years. why were you hating on strauss on stuff that happened 7-8 years ago? he probably has changed since then. i used to really follow you and like you. if you are truly dead inside, please only go after girls who are the same. you will only ruin the "better" girls for the rest of us. how many more wet holes do you have to stick your dick into before you finally feel validated and believe you are successful? you're playing just games. as you grow older, and the women you meet grow older, your games will stop working because the women will become smarter. grow, change, and evolve john. i do care about you because i believed in you. but you seem to have fallen into a rut. peace brother.

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Christ! It's just a link to a relevant study. (By actual psychologists, not psychobabbling "gurus.")

    Sorry Sinn sometimes takes snaps at your heroes, but this time, you guys are the "haters." Just like David DeAngelo says!

    PS: If you want to be able to talk to an intelligent woman, reading Jezebel >>>> reading fucking RSD Nation.

  4. Anonymous11:05 PM

    My cock makes women choke