Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Re-Visiting Sticking Points

 Hey there,

 I'm in the middle of moving and waiting for furniture so I figured I'd write out a quick blog post.

 I feel like I've definitely written blogs while waiting for furniture before... But I move a lot so it makes sense.

Today I want to lay out what I believe are the basic sticking points that anyone looking to improve with women will go through. You may go through one of these sticking points or all of them like I did.

They are:

1. Dealing with anxiety: Approach/Social/Sexual/Going out (Possibly Alone).
2. Getting Women's Attention and Getting them committed to the conversation.
3. Running Out Of Things To Say
4. Not being able to get/recognize attraction or lack there of.
5. Not being able to isolate from a group in bars/clubs/parties
6. Escalation Problems: Going for Phone #s, kisses, dates etc...
7. Phone Flaking/Getting Led on
8. Physical Escalation Problems
9. Being a bad date
10. Keeping a girl interested once you've been on a date/are dating
11. Being bad in bed
12. Dealing with short term relationships: defining expectations, break ups
13. Developing Self Confidence
14. Getting Hotter Girls
15. Getting to Average

* Notice I didn't put dealing with long term relationships there, mainly because I don't believe that anyone knows shit about how to keep long term relationships going.
So that looks like a lot and it is. But it also isn't. Like I said most guys will not have to go through all of these especially if you're not interested in meeting girls in bars and clubs which I recommend.

I'm gonna spend the next few blog posts doing little write ups on each sticking point, that will help you to understand what each sp is and how to start dealing with it.



  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Top 10 charlatans and PUAs of 2012, come on Sinn, we've been waiting all year for your yearly round up list

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Sinn I need you to clarify some thing in the seduction roadmap for me a quick email if you would please

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Did you ever get that email?

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    all your stuff is good man. I got laid on friday mostly because of your teachings. im good looking but overweight. my game isn't great but im 100% great at logistics and that carried me through.

  4. dustydog6:56 PM

    Boundaries, and juggling multiple relationships. Quick advice: password-protect your computer, and set it to time-out after a short window of inactivity. Password-protect your cell phone. Have a plan for what you will do if she wants to borrow your phone, or hop on email for a minute (wiping all cookies and passwords from your browser every time is a plan, but inconvenient). Remember that you'll be off-guard, perhaps drunk/sleepy. Don't count on your iron will and quick thinking.

    Firearms should be locked up. Stupid girls are worse than children when it comes to irresponsible handling of firearms.

    A locking file cabinet is innocuous. A locking liquor cabinet is acceptable. If you have stuff you don't want a stranger to see, lock it up. Putting it away is ok, but not adequate. Do you want her looking through your bills? Is the girl going to call the cops when she sees you have illegally copied movies or music laying out? Or

  5. Anonymous12:42 AM

    glmu for feb ?

  6. Anonymous1:41 AM

    hey jon, i pay attention to everything you say am a big fan, just found it interesting did you say not to recommend meeting girls at bars or clubs, cause i am a relatively good looking guy who has always dressed well, and have a lot of tatts and despite being a skinny guy i am in good shape, i would estimate i have had 200 plus lays from bars/nightclubs and possibly 5 - 10 from daygame, a lot of the girls approached me in bars and i was always good at escalation isolation from when i was 18 ( i live in aus before that nz ) ie - cigarettes, but daygame i have done probably 1000 plus sets and had very few ;ays, i go direct during the day but just have trouble from meet to bed i try to qualify but get bf objections, i wouldn't say i am a great dater, i'm humorous, but i think when i'm drinking i am much more aggressive and i think girls respond to that, just a thought, also i am 33 so dudes who want to call me out on numbers go ahead, and hurry up with sic/glmu for feb, last month was gold, matt. Any advice would be appreciated and yes i do have the daygame dvd, thanks.

  7. Anonymous2:01 AM

    sinn why don't you slam your dry mouth

    on my roasting hot cock!

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      Shut up Jeffy!

  8. Anonymous11:25 AM

    15. Getting to Average - what?

    1. Anonymous3:21 PM

      My assumption is that this means that one of the reasons one might become involved in learning how to pick up women is that they're dissatisfied with their current abilities. As such, "getting to average" would imply getting to a skill level where most men operate with women? You have to pass average or normal to become proficient.

  9. Anonymous4:33 PM

    this is why you are the king of content, and why you are prob the best person to learn from; you are systematic and methodical.

  10. Anonymous8:19 PM

    A lot of people believe Sinn is a huge douche, although it may be true. Most of the information Sinn is giving is quality information. Sinn, remember what you give out is what you get in return. I appreciate your hard work to us readers.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      Sinn is 100% a douche, but he's also a great teacher. My favorite along with Brad P.

  11. Anonymous8:41 PM


  12. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Yeah, what do you mean by number 15: Getting to Average?

  13. Anonymous2:03 PM

    That is quality post.

  14. Anonymous9:43 AM

    i cant wait for all the 15 posts. thanks for this sinn