Monday, October 30, 2006


Welcome to my blog,

Here I will post my latest thoughts on game, fashion, and sports.

This will be my space and I will try to make sure that the things I post are helpful and hopefully a little bit enlightening. It is my goal to make this blog a chance to help men meet women and share my thoughts on life.

I'll try to post everday and I will make it a point to post a NEW feature article by myself or someone else I respect every week.




  1. moneyq9:37 AM

    Great page, great information. I always knew Brian Tracy's and other speakers words of wisdom could be used in the PUA's game. If you keep doing what your doing, you will keep getting what your getting.

    Keep up the posts.

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Hey there Sinn!
    Great Blog. I'm really glad I found this site of yours, it is my believe that you're the best Mystery Method Instructor, not only me but all the other PUA's in Puerto Rico.